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"I heard of you through word-of-mouth and called you for a furnace check-u. I found you guy friendly, he even..."
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Orchard Park
you fixed my hot water tank. Marc is an asset to your organization - very professional and thorough. Cannot say enough good things about him.
Ted P. of Orchard Park, NY
I heard of you through word-of-mouth and called you for a furnace check-u. I found you guy friendly, he even checked my hot water tank.
Charles T. of Orchard Park, NY
You were prompt, and had a great quality of service. Excellent job performed by Steve.
Drew R. of Orchard Park, NY
Reviews From
Orchard Park
5 star
by Maureen - Orchard Park, NY 14127
Feb 15, 2024

Reliable Emergency Plumbing Services in Orchard Park, NY

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  • Emergency Plumbing
  • Hot Water Heater Installation & Service
  • Sewer Cleaning
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Yard Drainage

Emergency Plumbing

Bursting pipes due to freezing water are a common issue in winter, leading to severe water damage from leaks. Smaller issues like clogged drains or a leaky faucet can also be inconvenient. We're here to assist you in solving any problem you encounter, from flooded basements to backed-up sewers to frozen pipes. We not only address emergencies but also offer preventive measures through home plumbing inspections.

Water Heater Repair & Replacement

The prospect of freezing cold showers in January isn't appealing. Ensuring your water heater is inspected and repaired is essential, but sometimes replacement is necessary due to age. We can help you select a tank water heater or tankless water heater that fits your budget and requirements, then install it in your Orchard Park, NY residence.

Home Drainage-Drain & Sewer Cleaning

Maintaining effective drainage in your residence is essential to avoid flooding and water-related harm. Our professionals utilize state-of-the-art video camera technology to conduct comprehensive inspections and identify potential problems accurately. We excel in the installation of robust PVC or SDR drainage pipes that are resistant to corrosion, managing drainage and discharge lines, and incorporating measures such as freezing discharge line protection to forestall future issues. With our modern water and sewer line replacement equipment, you can be confident that disruptions to your property will be minimized. Give us a call to get started on adding proper drainage to your Orchard Park home.

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Job Stories

Interior Drain Line Repair in Orchard Park, NY.

Nick, a resident of Orchard Park, NY, was looking for a plumber to repair his interior drain line. After seeing a commercial for Frank's Mr. Plumber on TV, he decided to give us a call! The Frank's team arrived at Nick's residence and conducted a thorough inspection of the interior drain system. Recognizing the need for repair, they developed a comprehensive plan to address the issue. With precision and expertise, the Frank's team opened walls in two locations – at the back and side – as well as a section of the floor measuring approximately 5'x1' in both areas. This allowed them access to the interior drain system for a thorough cleaning and repair.

The team cleaned out the interior drain system, ensuring the removal of any debris or blockages hindering proper drainage. Subsequently, they repaired the walls, addressing any damage caused during the access process. To provide a durable and protective finish, the team installed BrightWall coating over the repaired areas. This coating not only enhanced the appearance but also added an extra layer of protection against potential issues in the future.

Once the repair work was complete, the team re-concreted the floor, ensuring a seamless and finished look.

Faucet Repair in Orchard Park, NY.

Lynne, a resident of Orchard Park, NY, encountered an unexpected issue when the handle of her first-floor bathroom bathtub faucet fell off. Recognizing the need for a professional solution, she decided to call Frank's Mr. Plumber. The Frank's team arrived at Lynne's residence and proceeded to reattach the handle, ensuring a secure and functional fit. Once the faucet handle was successfully reattached, Lynne could use her bathroom bathtub without any inconvenience. The team tested the handle to guarantee its stability and proper operation.

Bubbler System Service in Orchard Park, NY.

Debbie, a homeowner in Orchard Park, NY, encountered a challenge with her bubbler line and attempted to address it independently without success. Recognizing the need for professional assistance, she decided to call Frank's Mr. Plumber. The Frank's team arrived at Debbie's residence and conducted an evaluation of the bubbler line. Recognizing Debbie's efforts to clear it herself, they determined that specialized equipment and expertise were required to ensure thorough clearing.

With precision and expertise, the Frank's team initiated the bubbler line clearing process. They navigated through the line, clearing any blockages or obstructions hindering the proper functioning of the bubbler system. Once the bubbler line clearing was complete, Debbie witnessed a significant improvement in the functionality of her bubbler system. The team ensured that the line was clear and free-flowing.

Main Line Sewer Snake Out in Orchard Park, NY.

Nicholas, a resident of Orchard Park, NY, found himself in a plumbing crisis when his main line became completely clogged, resulting in all plumbing facilities backing up onto the basement floor. Faced with this urgent situation, Nicholas quickly reached out to Frank's Mr. Plumber. The Frank's team arrived at Nicholas's residence and assessed the extent of the clog in the main line. Recognizing the severity of the issue, they decided that a main line sewer snake out was the most effective solution. This involved using specialized equipment to navigate through the main sewer line, breaking up and clearing the blockage causing the backup.

Once the main line sewer snake out was complete, Nicholas witnessed the immediate improvement in his plumbing facilities. The backup onto the basement floor was resolved, and the team ensured that the main line was clear and free-flowing.

Toilet Issues in Orchard Park, NY

Bob, a homeowner in Orchard Park, NY, had a pesky toilet problem. Every time he flushed, the water backed up and drained sluggishly. Remembering his positive experience with Frank’s Mr. Plumber in the past, he promptly called and scheduled an appointment for the next day.

The skilled technician from Frank’s Mr. Plumber arrived on time, ready to tackle the toilet troubles. After a quick assessment, the technician flushed the toilet to observe the issue. The water backed up but drained slowly, and the sound of water running through copper pipes in the basement was evident. Moving swiftly, the technician removed the toilet and discovered plastic party horns lodged in the bottom, causing the slow drain. Noticing a loose toilet flange, the technician tightened it before re-installing the toilet.

With the toilet fixed and running smoothly, Bob was thrilled with the prompt and effective service

Toilet Replacement in Orchard Park, NY.

Amanda, a homeowner in Orchard Park, NY, found herself facing an unexpected challenge with her toilet. While water would flush without issue, any other materials would not flush down the toilet. Eager to resolve this inconvenience, Amanda decided to seek the expertise of Frank's Mr. Plumber.

A thorough inspection from the Frank’s team revealed that the toilet would need to be replaced. The plumbing team explained to Amanda that the existing toilet was not effectively flushing solid waste, indicating a potential underlying issue that warranted a new fixture. The new toilet not only met the necessary functional requirements but also incorporated modern design and water-efficient features. The installation process involved securing the toilet in place, connecting the water supply, and ensuring a leak-free operation.

With the replacement complete, Amanda now had a reliable and efficient toilet that met her needs!

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