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"I had my drain unclogged and had a good customer experience. You were very professional and courteous. I would recommend..."
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My husband and I just wanted to make sure you knew how pleased we were with the service from Frank DiMaria's company, Mr. Plumber. He replaced our sewer line from front our home to street. They were professional, honest and reliable, very fair pricing, and quick to help us out. Hard to know who to trust when so much money is at stake and when it's a sewer line it isn't something you can put off till you save some money. So we were very glad you steered Mr. DiMaria to us. We wouldn't hesitate to use him again knowing how courteous he and his crew are and knowing the quality of his service. Again sir, Thank you so much.
Ron W. of Cheektowaga, NY
I had you install a 40 Gallon water heater. I saw you do work at Pioneer so I hired you. Your price was goo and I see the quality of work.
John C. of Cheektowaga, BC
I read about you on Angie's List. The positive reports made me call your company. The gentleman who came was very thorough and explained everything he was doing. I'm very satisfied and would hire you again. This time you installed a new faucet for me.
Silvina of Cheektowaga, NY
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5 star
by Frank - Cheektowaga, NY 14225
Feb 15, 2024
5 star
100% reliable, professional, knowledgeable
by Linda - Cheektowaga, NY 14225
Feb 15, 2024
5 star
by Tony - Cheektowaga, NY 14215
Feb 15, 2024

Reliable Emergency Plumbing Services in Cheektowaga, NY

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  • Drain Cleaning
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Emergency Plumbing

Dealing with burst pipes due to freezing temperatures is a common during the winter, and leaks can lead to major water damage rapidly. Smaller problems like clogged drains or worn-out sump pumps can also be frustrating. We're here to assist you in resolving any plumbing issues you encounter, whether it's flooded basements, blocked sewers, or frozen pipes. We not only address emergencies but also offer preventative solutions through home plumbing inspections.

Water Heater Maintenance & Installation

Are icy showers appealing to you during the winter months? Regular inspection and maintenance of your water heater are crucial, but there are times when a replacement becomes necessary due to age or wear. We can guide you in selecting either a tank water heater or a tankless water heater that suits both your budget and requirements, and then seamlessly install it in your Cheektowaga, NY residence Top of Form.

Home Drainage-Drain & Sewer Cleaning

Preventing home flooding and water damage begins with effective drainage. Don't jeopardize your home's foundation and structure by allowing water to collect in your home. We specialize in sump pumps, drainage &discharge lines, downspout extensions, and protection against freezing discharge lines. Contact us to start adding proper drainage system in your Cheektowaga home today.

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Job Stories

Hydro Jetting in Cheektowaga, NY.

John, a resident of Cheektowaga, NY, faced a persistent issue with his backyard constantly flooding. Determined to address the drainage problem, he reached out to Frank's Mr. Plumber for assistance. The Frank's team arrived at John's residence and conducted a thorough inspection of the backyard drainage system. Recognizing the need for specialized intervention, they decided to perform hydrojetting on the drain in his backyard.

Hydrojetting involves using high-pressure water to clear out debris, sediment, and potential blockages from drainage pipes. With precision and expertise, the Frank's team initiated the hydrojetting process, working diligently to clear the drain and restore proper water flow. Once the hydrojetting was complete, John witnessed the immediate improvement in his backyard drainage. The flooding issue was effectively addressed, and water could now flow freely, preventing further damage to his property.

Branch Line Snake Out in Cheektowaga, NY.

Wade, a resident of Cheektowaga, NY, experienced an annoying plumbing issue every time he flushed his toilet – a loud gurgling sound. Determined to resolve this disturbance, he promptly contacted Frank's Mr. Plumber for assistance. The Frank's team arrived at Wade's residence and conducted a thorough inspection of the plumbing system. Recognizing the need for a targeted solution, they decided to perform a branch line snake out. This involved using specialized equipment to navigate through the branch line, identifying and addressing any small clogs causing the disruptive gurgling sound.

With precision and expertise, the Frank's team initiated the branch line snake out, working diligently to locate and clear the small clog. Once the snake out was complete, Wade flushed his toilet, and the loud gurgling sound was eliminated. The team's efficient diagnosis and targeted solution resolved the plumbing issue, providing relief from the disruptive noise.

Hot Water Tank Installation in Cheektowaga, NY.

James, a resident of Cheektowaga, NY, took matters into his own hands by purchasing a 40-gallon hot water tank with the intention of upgrading his home's water heating system. Seeking a professional touch for the installation, James decided to call on the expertise of Frank's Mr. Plumber to ensure a seamless and efficient setup. With precision and expertise, the Frank's team ensured the proper installation of the 40-gallon hot water tank. This involved connecting it to the existing plumbing, checking for any potential issues, and ensuring that the tank was securely in place.

Once the installation was complete, James witnessed the immediate improvement in his home's hot water supply. Grateful for the professional service provided by Frank's Mr. Plumber, he expressed his satisfaction with the outcome.

Slow Drains in Cheektowaga, NY

Dan, a resident of Cheektowaga, NY, noticed sluggish drainage in his half bath and kitchen. In a proactive effort to address the issue before it worsened, he heeded the recommendation of his neighbor, Sam, who had previously had positive experiences with Frank’s Mr. Plumber.

Following Sam’s suggestion, Dan reached out to Frank’s Mr. Plumber and arranged for a service appointment. Upon arrival, the Frank’s Mr. Plumber technician employed a snake to clear the sewer and then utilized a camera to pinpoint the cause of the slow drainage. To their surprise, they identified a break in the old sewer line needing repair. The Frank’s Mr. Plumber technician presented Dan with an estimate for the required fixes, and Dan accepted the proposal.

A few days later, Frank’s Mr. Plumber team arrived at Dan’s home to replace the compromised section of the sewer line. Opening up the floor to access the damaged area, they replaced the old pipe with new PVC piping and reconnected it to the existing stack. Following the replacement, they added stone and re-concreted over the newly installed pipe. Dan was pleased to have resolved the issue and could now enjoy worry-free drainage without any slowdowns.

Clogged Drains in Cheektowaga, NY

Jennifer, a homeowner in Cheektowaga, NY, found herself in a slow drain predicament. Not one to let it escalate into a full-blown blockage, Jennifer took the advice of her neighbor, Sue, and decided to give Frank’s Mr. Plumber a shot. With a quick call to set up an appointment, Jennifer was on her way to plumbing peace.

Since her drains were just being a bit sluggish, Jennifer managed to schedule the job to fit her busy agenda—bright and early the next day. Frank’s Mr. Plumber technicians showed up, ready to dive into the diagnostic adventure.

Armed with their trusty snake, these Frank’s Mr. Plumber Technicians wasted no time. Starting with the kitchen sink, they swiftly moved on to the laundry tub, snaking their way to the trap at the front wall. Before Jennifer knew it, Frank’s Mr. Plumber had those drains running smoothly again.

Jennifer couldn’t have been happier—her drains were back in action.

Main Line Sewer Snake Out in Cheektowaga, NY.

Eugene, a homeowner from Cheektowaga, NY had been facing a recurring issue with his drains. The slow but steady backing up of his facilities was becoming a daily frustration. Even though he could still use them, the efficiency was diminishing day by day, making it clear that action was needed. Having dealt with this problem every 2-3 years, Eugene knew it was time to call in the professionals at Frank’s Mr. Plumber and have this issue fixed for good.

On the appointed day, the Frank's Mr. Plumber team arrived promptly at Eugene's residence. After a brief introduction and inspection of the situation, the plumbers identified the need for a Main Line Sewer Snake Out, a procedure designed to clear the main sewer line from any obstructions causing the gradual blockage. With the necessary equipment in hand, the skilled technicians got to work, ensuring the proper setup and taking care to protect Eugene's property. The vent, conveniently located in the front yard, was accessible, allowing the plumbers to tackle the issue efficiently.

Frank's Mr. Plumber had once again proven to be the go-to choice for homeowners like Eugene, providing reliable solutions to plumbing challenges with a commitment to excellence.

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