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Your office was professional and your plumber explained everything that needed to be done. I've used you in the past...
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Hi, I've used you in the past fro bubbler, sewer cleaning and new basement walls. I called you back for a sewer line clog. Your office was completely professional. Your plumber explained all and kept me informed. I hired you because of my past experience with you - your superior work and professionalism. This fall I would like an estimate on a new heater. 100% Great overall Service!
Debbie of Amherst, NY
I've used you twice before and your prompt service and availability is the reason I called you for the partial replacement of my sewer line. Ed Pytlik explained the job perfectly, due to an exceptionally busy time, we were only able to meet half your crew, but all did an excellent job from start to finish. I'll be calling you again in a few minutes for additional service.
Jim C. of Amherst, NY
I had a bubbler repair & incoming back up sump pump installed. Mark & Paul were extremely professional & courteous. Renee was wonderful to deal with also. She was able to provide me with a revised invoice for the insurance company which required specific language. It was written within a couple hours of my request.
Lynn J. of Amherst, NY
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5 star
Fast, timely response on a holiday. Very prompt and courteous. Honest and accurate assessment of the problem. Problem...
by Gary - Amherst, NY 14226
Feb 15, 2024
5 star
by Toya - Amherst, NY 14226
Feb 15, 2024
5 star
by Ronald - Amherst, NY 14228
Feb 15, 2024

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Water Heater Repair & Replacement

Nobody enjoys icy showers in January. Regular inspections and maintenance of your water heater are essential, but sometimes, replacing an old unit is unavoidable. We can help you select the right water heater—be it tank or tankless—that suits your budget and needs, then installing it in your Amherst, NY residence.

Home Drainage-Drain & Sewer Cleaning

Effective drainage is crucial for preventing flooding and water damage in your Amherst residence. Our specialists employ video camera technology to assess your property and identify any issues accurately. We utilize innovative non-corroding PVC or SDR drainage pipes, manage drainage and discharge lines, and implement freezing discharge line protection to mitigate future concerns. You can trust that our use of modern water and sewer line replacement equipment minimizes disruptions to your property.

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Job Stories

Bubbler Installation in Amherst, NY.

Edward, a homeowner in Amherst, NY was looking to have part of his basement remodeled, and after speaking with the town inspector, realized he needed to install a bubbler system on his property in order to keep up with the town codes, so he called Frank's Mr. Plumber for help.

The Frank's team arrived at Edward's residence and conducted a thorough assessment of the property's drainage needs. They outlined a plan to excavate the front left corner downspout receiver and extend it approximately 10 feet towards the curb. This extension would involve connecting to a viable pipe in the lawn and piping in a new receiver for both the downspout and sump discharge. The team's plan included adding a cleanout at the receiver, providing a convenient access point for maintenance. To ensure the efficacy of the bubbler system, they decided to perform hydro jet reaming on the bubbler line. This process would not only clear any potential obstructions but also allow for a thorough camera inspection to ensure the integrity of the system. Once the bubbler system was fully installed and tested, Edward could see the immediate improvement in water drainage on his property, and his home was now up to date with town ordinances! 

Toilet Replacement in Amherst, NY.

Dennis, a resident of Amherst, NY, faced an irritating issue with a leaky toilet in his home. Frustrated with the constant dripping and potential water damage, Dennis decided it was time to seek professional help and called Frank's Mr. Plumber. The Frank's team arrived at Dennis' residence and conducted a thorough inspection of the leaky toilet. Identifying the source of the issue, they recommended the installation of a new comfort height elongated toilet, complete with a new wax seal, bolts, and supply line. This comprehensive solution aimed not only to stop the leak but also to upgrade the toilet for better functionality and comfort.

Once the installation was complete, Dennis observed the immediate difference in the performance of his new toilet. The leak was resolved, and he now had a modern and efficient fixture in his bathroom.

Hot Water Tank Installation in Amherst, NY.

When Paul, a resident of Amherst, NY, found himself confused by the consistently cold water flowing from his taps despite having a hot water tank, he knew it was time to seek professional help. Frustrated with the inconvenience of chilly showers and unsure of the cause, Paul decided to contact Frank's Mr. Plumber. Understanding the urgency of the situation, the Frank's team promptly dispatched skilled plumbers to Paul's residence for a thorough inspection. After assessing the hot water tank and diagnosing the problem, they determined that the existing tank was beyond repair and recommended the installation of a new hot water tank.

With Paul's approval, the Frank's team efficiently coordinated the installation of a brand new hot water tank. This involved removing the old, malfunctioning unit and ensuring the seamless integration of the replacement.Upon completion of the installation, Paul tested the water, feeling the immediate difference in temperature. Satisfied with the outcome, he expressed his gratitude for the swift and effective service provided by Frank's Mr. Plumber.

Branch Line Snake Out in Amherst, NY.

When Brad, a resident of East Amherst, NY, noticed that his kitchen sink was clogged and draining slowly, he knew he needed help. So he called the experts at Frank's Mr. Plumber. The Frank's team arrived at Brad's residence and conducted a thorough inspection. Assessing the situation, they determined that a Branch Line Snake Out would be the most effective solution to clear the clog in Brad's kitchen sink. This method involves using a specialized tool to navigate and clear blockages within the branch line, ensuring smooth water flow.

Throughout the process, the Frank's team maintained open communication with Brad, explaining each step and keeping him informed about the progress. The Branch Line Snake Out proved successful, resolving the clog and restoring Brad's kitchen sink to its optimal state.

Main Line Sewer Snake Out in Amherst, NY.

Bryan, a resident of Amherst, NY, found himself facing a plumbing emergency as water backed up into his laundry tub and basement. Unsure what to do, he called the experts at Frank's Mr. Plumber. A thorough inspection revealed a clog in the main sewer line, causing the water backup into the laundry tub and basement. Understanding the critical nature of the problem, the team at Frank's Mr. Plumber quickly proposed a solution - a snake out.

The Frank's team set up the necessary equipment for snaking out the main sewer line. This specialized technique involves using a flexible auger, commonly known as a snake, to break down and remove the clog obstructing the flow of water in the sewer line. With the snake out completed, the water in the laundry tub and basement began to recede. The plumbing team conducted thorough tests to confirm the proper flow in the main sewer line, ensuring that the issue was completely resolved.

New Faucet in Amherst, NY

Nancy, the homeowner in Amherst, NY,  kept seeing the unmistakable Frank’s Mr. Plumber trucks cruising around. Nancy had just gotten new faucets that she need to be installed and thought why not call Frank’s Mr. Plumber.

This wasn’t an urgent plumbing matter. Nancy smartly scheduled her appointment for a time that suited her best – no stress involved. When the appointed day arrived, so did the friendly team from Frank’s Mr. Plumber. They took a good look at Nancy’s faucets, crunched some numbers, and presented her with an estimate. Nancy gave the nod of approval!

Frank’s Mr. Plumber had those faucets swapped out and the new ones in mere 30 minutes later. Nancy was thrilled to have her stylish new faucets installed hassle-free.

Exterior Sewer Line Repair in Amherst, NY.

Fred, a resident of Amherst, NY, recently found himself facing a plumbing emergency – a clogged exterior sewer line. Frustrated with the issue, he decided to reach out to Frank's Mr. Plumber for help. Upon contacting Frank's Mr. Plumber, Fred explained his situation, and the team promptly scheduled a visit to assess and address the problem. The team's plan was comprehensive: they would excavate the trap and riser located in Fred's driveway, exposing the piping to get to the root of the issue.

The first step involved removing the old trap and clearing any obstructions in the sewer line. To optimize drainage, the front right downspout would be connected to the new trap and riser. To ensure a thorough examination, the team used a camera to inspect the entire sewer line, checking for any additional issues that might need attention. The next step was to install a new PVC trap and riser. This installation would include bedding the line with 6 inches of stone, a measure aimed at maintaining proper pitch and preventing settling over time. Prior to excavation, the team was committed to safety and compliance. Frank's Mr. Plumber ensured that underground utilities were contacted and marked to prevent any accidental damage during the process.

Once the repairs were complete and the sewer line was confirmed to be in optimal condition, the team filled the excavation site with stone. To finish, a layer of crusher run was added to the surface, leaving Fred's driveway both functional and aesthetically pleasing!

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