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Grand Island
I had work done previously by you and you have an excellent record with me. It was nice to work with Anthony again to install a back-up sump pump. Great job on the work!
Kim L. of Grand Island, NY
You actually came here for an air conditioner tune up. I knew about you because you reapired a crack/leak in my basement before. This time when I mentioned an unrelated concern I was having regarding my attic, Don and his co-worker exceeded my expectations and did not hesitate to crawl through cellulose insulation to try and rectify the issue. Great customer service. Thanks.
Mark A. of Grand Island, NY
Everyone was professional & Dan S. explained everything including cost, he quickly diagnosed the problem and had a great solution! I feel absolutely satisfied with what Dan S. did for us today. Thank you very much!
Rich S. of Grand Island, NY
Reviews From
Grand Island
5 star
Ed was awesome!
by Danielle - Grand Island, NY 14072
Feb 15, 2024
5 star
by Donna - Grand Island, NY 14072
Feb 15, 2024

Expert Sewer & Drainage Cleaning Services in Grand Island, NY

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Home Drainage-Drain & Sewer Cleaning

Maintaining effective drainage is essential in safeguarding your residence against flooding and water damage. Our specialists employ video camera technology to conduct thorough home inspections for accurate diagnosis. We specialize in installing new, corrosion-resistant PVC or SDR drainage pipes, managing drainage and discharge lines, and implementing freezing discharge line protection to alleviate future issues. You can be confident that our use of modern water and sewer line replacement equipment ensures minimal disruption to your property. Give us a call to get started on adding proper drainage to your Grand Island home.

Water Heater Repair & Replacement

Are icy showers in January not your idea of comfort? Regular inspection and maintenance of your water heater are essential, but aging units may require replacement. We guide you in selecting between tank and tankless water heaters based on your budget and needs, followed by professional installation services in your Grand Island, NY home.

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Job Stories

Bubbler System Installation in Grand Island, NY.

Greg, a homeowner in Grand Island, NY, decided to enhance the drainage system on his property by installing a bubbler system. Recognizing the importance of professional assistance, he reached out to Frank's Mr. Plumber for the installation. The Frank's team arrived at Greg's residence and initiated the installation process. Recognizing the need for excavation, they carefully excavated the area outside the rear of the building, extending from the house to the storm ditch. The team worked diligently to ensure minimal disruption to the property.

With precision and expertise, the Frank's team installed a new 4” SDR Bubbler system. This involved strategically placing four new receivers at a 12” depth at the house, catering to three existing downspouts and two existing sump pump discharges. The installation also included a code-compliant discharge point at the storm ditch. To ensure the stability and effectiveness of the bubbler system, the team bedded all piping with stone and backfilled the area to rough grade, allowing for settling purposes. Once the bubbler system installation was complete, Greg observed a transformed drainage solution on his property. The bubbler system efficiently managed water runoff, providing an effective solution to potential drainage issues.

Faucet Replacement in Grand Island, NY.

Kim, a homeowner in Grand Island, NY ran into a problem one day when her kitchen faucet suddenly stopped working. Unsure what to do, she reached out to the experts at Frank's Mr. Plumber. The Frank's team arrived at Kim's residence and conducted an evaluation of the kitchen faucet. Recognizing the need for a replacement, they proceeded to turn off the water supply, remove the existing kitchen faucet, and install the customer-supplied replacement. Once the installation was complete, they turned the water back on and thoroughly tested the faucet for proper functionality. Once the new faucet was installed and tested, Kim could once again use her kitchen sink with ease.

Sump Pump Service in Grand Island, NY.

Stephen from Grand Island, NY faced a concerning issue in that when his sump pump went off, the discharge line failed to flow smoothly to the street as it should. Instead, it backed up and emerged through the downspout line, creating an undesirable pooling effect. Determined to address this water drainage challenge, Stephen placed a call to Frank's Mr. Plumber for assistance. The Frank's team performed a snake-out on the discharge line. This involved utilizing specialized equipment to clear any obstructions or blockages in the line, ensuring a smooth and unobstructed flow from the sump pump to the street.

Upon completion of the snake-out on the discharge line, the Frank's team conducted thorough checks to ensure that the issue was successfully resolved. Stephen was relieved to see the discharge line now functioning as intended, with water safely directed to the street rather than backing up through the downspout line.

Sewer Replacement in Grand Island, NY.

Lori, a resident of Grand Island, NY, faced a significant plumbing challenge when she decided to replace her sewer line. Recognizing the complexity of the task, she turned to Frank's Mr. Plumber for a comprehensive solution. The project involved installing a new 4” hung sewer PVC to replace the existing 4” cast iron sewer line. The Frank's team initiated the project by determining the optimal location for the new sewer exit point, strategically placing it below and left of the glass block window. This involved installing the new PVC sewer line and rerouting the kitchen line to seamlessly integrate with the new system. Additionally, they replaced the boozie and flange on the half bath, ensuring a secure connection to the PVC hung sewer.

To address potential water-related issues, the team installed a sump pump system with a pro series in place of the current opening. This required digging in front of the glass block where the new hung sewer would exit the home. Simultaneously, they eliminated the connection of the current downspout to the sewer system, redirecting both downspouts onto splash blocks. The new PVC sewer was expertly tied into the old sewer system, with meticulous attention to detail in the installation of PVC repair and casing in stone. The team ensured proper backfilling with native spoils, creating an 18-24” mound that would settle naturally from winter to spring.

Lori could now rest assured, knowing that she had a sewer line that would last for years to come!

Hung Sewer on Grand Island, NY

Gary, a homeowner over on Grand Island, NY, had a bit of a hiccup with his hung sewer—there was a pesky crack in the elbow down in his basement. Frustrated, Gary decided to give Frank’s Mr. Plumber a call.

True to their reputation, Frank’s Mr. Plumber arrived right on time, ready to work their magic on Gary’s hung sewer. After a thorough look, they suggested a game plan—replace the entire PVC hung sewer and relocate it off the wall. With the plan in place, they scheduled the job for the following week.

When the day came, the Frank’s Mr. Plumber crew swooped in, handled the job with efficiency, and left the area looking spick and span. Gary was over the moon, knowing he didn’t have to fret about his inside sewer anymore.

Shower Repair in Grand Island, NY.

Rich, a homeowner from Grand Island, NY, found himself dealing with a frustrating issue in his home—a leaking upstairs shower. Determined to put an end to the continuous drip and potential water damage, Rich decided to seek the expertise of Frank's Mr. Plumber.

After a meticulous examination, the plumbing team from Frank’s discovered that the issue was stemming from two leaking hose bibs. These components, essential for controlling water flow, had become a source of the persistent shower leak. The team explained the findings to Rich, detailing how replacing the hose bibs would resolve the problem and prevent further water damage.

With the hose bibs replaced, Rich could rest assured knowing that his shower would be free from leaks for years to come!

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