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"Marc smith cleared out my sewer out front and fixed my sub pump discharge valve. He was very courteous and..."
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Hello, You repaired/replaced a broken hot water pipe in my basement and replaced the laundrey tub faucet. I'm a long time customer and have always been satisfied. I recently referred a co-worker and new home owner to you. She is happy with your work, so hopefully she will be a long time customer as well!
Michele of Buffalo, NY
We saw you on T.V. you explained everything fully - Bill was GREAT. Your workers were very polite, punctual and professional - the tops! I just want to thank you and your workers that came to my home did the work on my home. Your workers are great guys and they know what they are doing, very professional. They did a great job and went far beyond the call of duty. Thank you again.
Ray of Buffalo, NY
You replaced my toilet valve. I am a current maintenance plan member. I hire you because of the thorough evaluation of the problem in order to find most effective solution.
Joe E. of Buffalo, NY
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5 star
Very good
by Tim - Buffalo, NY 14220
Feb 15, 2024
5 star
What company allows you to talk to the owner, if you need to!!
by Deb - Buffalo, NY 14222
Feb 15, 2024
5 star
Craig did an excellent job today. He was quick getting the work done and kept everything clean while doing so.
by Brian - Buffalo, NY 14226
Feb 15, 2024

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Home Drainage-Drain & Sewer Cleaning in Buffalo

Maintaining proper drainage in your Buffalo home is crucial for preventing flooding and water damage. Our experts use advanced video camera technology for thorough inspections to pinpoint any issues. We specialize in installing durable, non-corroding PVC or SDR drainage pipes, managing drainage& discharge lines, and implementing freezing discharge line protection to prevent future issues. You can rest assured that our modern water and sewer line replacement equipment minimizes disruptions to your property.

Expert Water Heater Repair, Replacement & Insulation

Enduring cold showers during Winter…never pleasant. Let us inspect and repair your water heater to restore comfort to your home. If it's time for a replacement due to age or inefficiency, we can guide you in selecting the right option—whether a tank water heater or tankless system—and handle the installation with our experienced professionals.

Contact us today to safeguard your Buffalo home with our comprehensive plumbing and water heater services.

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Job Stories

Toilet Replacement in Buffalo, NY.

Mary, a resident of Buffalo, NY, decided it was time to upgrade her master bedroom toilet and sought the expertise of Frank's Mr. Plumber for a seamless replacement. The Frank's team arrived at Mary's residence and initiated the toilet replacement process. They began by carefully removing the existing toilet and disposing of it. Recognizing the importance of providing a quality replacement, the team supplied and installed a Gerber Avalanche round front white toilet ADA complete. This included the toilet wax seal, bolts, and a new supply.With precision and expertise, the Frank's team ensured the proper installation of the new toilet, taking care to test its functionality thoroughly. Throughout the process, Mary was kept informed about the steps being taken, and any questions she had were promptly addressed.

Once the installation was complete, Mary admired her upgraded master bedroom toilet. The Gerber Avalanche round front white toilet not only provided a modern aesthetic but also met ADA standards for accessibility!

Water Line Re-Pipe in Buffalo, NY.

Joe, a homeowner in Buffalo, NY, recognized the need for a significant upgrade in his plumbing system, as his house, built in the 20s, still retained its original fixtures. Seeking a comprehensive solution, he reached out to Frank's Mr. Plumber for a full house Water Supply Line Repipe. The project involved replacing the outdated and potentially problematic water supply lines throughout the entire house. The team ensured the installation of modern, durable pipes that met current standards, enhancing the overall efficiency and reliability of the plumbing system.

Once the Water Supply Line Repipe was complete, Joe experienced a transformative improvement in his home's plumbing system. The updated water supply lines ensured a more reliable and efficient water distribution, addressing potential issues associated with the aging fixtures.

Faucet Repair in Buffalo, NY.

David, a resident of Buffalo, NY, decided to upgrade the faucet on his tub and sought the expertise of Frank's Mr. Plumber for a professional installation. The Frank's team arrived at David's residence and initiated the faucet replacement process. To ensure a smooth installation, they shut off the water going to the existing second-floor unit. With precision and care, the team proceeded to disconnect, remove, and dispose of the existing two-handle chrome claw foot tub faucet with diverter. To accommodate the new fixture, they cut and disconnected the existing half-inch copper shower head line. The team also disconnected the existing tub ells to make way for the upgraded faucet. The new chrome two-handle claw foot tub faucet with a diverter was expertly installed, and the team reconnected it to the existing tub ells and copper shower head line. With attention to detail, the Frank's team restored water flow, checked for leaks, and ensured the proper operation of the newly installed tub faucet.

Main Line Snake Out in Buffalo, NY.

Anthony, a resident of Buffalo, NY, faced a dire situation when his main sewer line became backed up, rendering all facilities in his house unusable. Faced with this urgent plumbing issue, Anthony sought immediate assistance and turned to Frank's Mr. Plumber for a solution. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the Frank's team quickly assessed the severity of the blockage and determined that utilizing a main line sewer snake out would be the most effective solution. The main line sewer snake out involves using a specialized tool to navigate through the main sewer line, breaking up and clearing any blockages in its path.

With precision and expertise, the Frank's team successfully performed the main line sewer snake out, restoring the functionality of Anthony's sewer line.

Hung Sewer Installation in Buffalo, NY.

Andy, a homeowner in Buffalo, NY, found himself in need of a comprehensive sewer installation. Andy had big plans to renovate his home's plumbing system, and he knew just the team to bring his vision to life—Frank's Mr. Plumber.

Andy's project was no small task. His laundry room needed a significant upgrade, with a hung sewer spanning 60 feet from the laundry tub to the inside trap. With a Liberty 404 laundry lift pump, Andy was ready to elevate his plumbing game. Ventilation was a key consideration in this project. The main vent stack, a vital component of any sewer system, was to run to the non-drive side of the home, integrating seamlessly into what was once a 4-inchvent. A meticulous relocation of the 4-inch vent to the top of the wye was planned, coupled with the installation of a clean out on the inside. The laundry tub line was not forgotten. A 1 1/2-inch glue trap was installed, ensuring the functionality and longevity of Andy's revamped plumbing.

Shut Off Valve Replacement in Buffalo, NY.

Raymond, a homeowner in Buffalo, NY, found himself with a plumbing problem that required immediate attention. His shut-off valve was causing issues, and he knew he needed professional help. So, he called the experts at Frank’s Mr. Plumber. Upon arrival, the Frank's Mr. Plumber team carefully inspected the shut-off valve. It didn't take long for them to identify the root cause - the main valve was leaking, causing water to escape and potentially leading to more significant problems down the line. To address the issue, the team opted to use a method called freezing to temporarily stop the flow of water from the main valve. This allowed them to work on the plumbing without causing additional water damage to Raymond's home. With precision, the team removed the existing angle gate valve, which was the source of the leak. In its place, a brand-new main valve was installed, ensuring a secure and leak-free connection. The team seamlessly integrated the new valve into the existing plumbing system, providing Raymond with a long-lasting solution that would bring peace of mind and prevent future plumbing headaches.

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