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You fixed my dishwasher - Ed was professional and honest - a credit to your company!
Aileen of Hamburg, NY
You came recommended to my by my family and I trust their advice. You unplugged my waste line in my house. Thank you for help.
jerry G. of Hamburg, NY
Happy with my furnace cleaning and check! I'd hire you again.
Kenneth D. of Hamburg, NY
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5 star
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Feb 15, 2024

Expert Sewer & Drainage Cleaning Services in Hamburg, NY

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Home Drainage-Drain & Sewer Cleaning

Maintaining effective drainage in your residence is essential to avoid flooding and water-related harm. Our professionals utilize state-of-the-art video camera technology to conduct comprehensive inspections and identify potential problems accurately. We excel in the installation of robust PVC or SDR drainage pipes that are resistant to corrosion, managing drainage and discharge lines, and incorporating measures such as freezing discharge line protection to forestall future issues. With our modern water and sewer line replacement equipment, you can be confident that disruptions to your property will be minimized. Give us a call to get started on adding proper drainage to your Hamburg home.

Emergency Plumbing

Bursting pipes from freezing water are common issues during winter, leading to serious water damage. Other smaller problems like clogged drains or a leaky faucet can also be troublesome. We are here to assist you in fixing any problem, from flooded basements to backed-up sewers to frozen pipes. Additionally, we offer preventive measures such as home plumbing inspections to avoid emergencies.

Water Heater Repair & Replacement

Do freezing cold showers sound good in January? It's crucial to inspect and maintain your water heater, and sometimes, replacement is necessary due to age. We can help you choose between a tank water heater or tankless water heater that suits your budget and needs, followed by professional installation in your Hamburg, NY home.

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Job Stories

Toilet Repair in Hamburg, NY.

Greg, a homeowner in Hamburg, NY, found himself in need of plumbing assistance while having his bathroom renovated. Upon discovering that the toilet flange was broken during the renovation process, he promptly reached out to Frank's Mr. Plumber for a solution. The Frank's team arrived at Greg's residence and conducted an inspection of the bathroom, confirming that the toilet flange needed replacement due to the observed damage during the renovation. With precision and expertise, the Frank's team removed the damaged flange and installed a new one, ensuring a secure and stable base for the toilet. Once the new flange was installed, Greg could proceed with the bathroom renovation without concerns about the toilet's stability!

Tankless Water Heater Installation in Hamburg, NY.

Beth, a resident of Hamburg, NY, decided to upgrade her hot water system and transition to a tankless water heater. Recognizing the need for professional assistance, she reached out to Frank's Mr. Plumber for the installation. The Frank's team arrived at Beth's residence and initiated the removal and installation process. The old hot water tank was drained and efficiently removed. The team carefully managed the disconnection of water, flu, and gas lines, either connecting them to the tankless unit or capping them off as necessary.

With precision and expertise, the Frank's team mounted the new Navien tankless water heater to the wall. They installed a valve kit to allow for flushing, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of the new unit. New 3/4” water lines were expertly run to the unit, incorporating an Ion scale inhibitor to enhance the water quality. The gas line was carefully run and equipped with a shut-off valve for safety. The condensate line was connected to a discharge pump for efficient removal of condensed water. Additionally, a 2” PVC exhaust and intake line were installed, ensuring proper ventilation for the tankless water heater. Once the installation was complete, Beth experienced the immediate benefits of her upgraded hot water system. The Navien tankless water heater provided on-demand hot water and would save her money down the line!

Main Line Sewer Snake Out in Hamburg, NY.

Peter, a homeowner in Hamburg, NY. experienced a challenge when he realized that every time he would flush his upstairs toilet, the downstairs toilet would begin to gurgle. On top of this, the sink in his upstairs bathroom had begun to fill up with a black sludge. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Peter promptly contacted Frank's Mr. Plumber for a professional solution. The Frank's team arrived at Peter's residence and conducted a thorough assessment of the plumbing situation. Recognizing the signs of a potential blockage in the main sewer line, they decided that a Main Line Sewer Snake Out was the most effective solution. This involved using specialized equipment to navigate through the main sewer line, breaking up and clearing any blockages causing the interconnected issues.

Once the sewer snake out was complete, Peter witnessed the immediate improvement in his plumbing system. The gurgling between toilets ceased, and the black sludge issue in the sink had resolved. The team ensured that the main sewer line was clear and free flowing.

Bubbler System installed in Hamburg, NY

Kevin, a resident in Hamburg, NY, had been grappling with persistent water pooling issues in his yard for an extended period. Fearing potential water problems in his basement walls, he recalled witnessing the installation performed by Frank’s Mr. Plumber on a neighboring street. Impressed by how inconspicuous the yard appeared post-installation, Kevin decided to contact Frank’s Mr. Plumber for an estimate.

Since it wasn’t an urgent situation, an appointment was scheduled for the following week. When the Frank’s Mr. Plumber technician arrived, Kevin guided him around his yard to pinpoint the areas affected by water pooling. The technician then presented Kevin with an estimate, which he happily approved.

Armed with the necessary tools, Frank’s Mr. Plumber technicians eagerly tackled the project the following week. In a swift manner, they completed the installation, seamlessly tying in the sump pump from the basement. Frank’s Mr. Plumber not only met but exceeded Kevin’s expectations.

Hot Water Tank in Hamburg, NY

Beth, a homeowner in Hamburg, NY, who started noticing her hot water tank was playing hard to get—it took longer to heat up, and the hot water supply seemed to be on the decline. New to the world of homeownership, Beth decided to take a cue from her neighbors, who use Frank’s Mr. Plumber. With a quick call, Beth set the wheels in motion to sort out her hot water woe.

Recognizing that it wasn’t an emergency, Beth had the flexibility to schedule her appointment at her convenience. Two days later, the Frank’s Mr. Plumber team arrived, ready to dive into the hot water tank dilemma. The technician, walked Beth through all the options for replacing her old tank. After a thoughtful consideration, Beth opted for the tankless water heater.

The following week, the Frank’s Mr. Plumber technicians got to work. First things first, they bid farewell to the old tank, which they whisked away with them. Next on the agenda: installing the sleek new tankless water heater, mounted on the wall and accompanied by an ion scale inhibitor. The tecchnicians installed a new gas line with a shut-off valve, along with a PVC exhaust and intake line.

Beth couldn’t have been happier with her new tankless water heater. Beth’s hot water troubles were a thing of the past. Here’s to warm showers and happy homeownership!

Bubbler System Installation in Hamburg, NY.

Mary, a homeowner from Hamburg, NY, had just waterproofed her entire basement. Eager to continue safeguarding her home, and stay compliant with town regulations, Mary called Frank’s Mr. Plumber to install a bubbler system on her property – to allow all water from her interior drainage system to flow away from her property with ease.

The installation process kicked off with precision. Frank's Mr. Plumber installed a 4" solid PVC 3034 drainage line, connecting it from the existing sump pump discharge to the designated receiver. The team hand-dug a trench, carefully placing the new drainage line approximately 12" wide and 12"-18" deep. With meticulous attention to detail, they backfilled the trench with native soil, ensuring proper settlement for a stable foundation. To complement the exterior work, Frank's installed a J channel drainage system along the left side of the building, totaling approximately 63'. The system included dimple board secured to the foundation,4" perforated PVC drainage encased in clean stone, creating an open stone drain. Frank's Mr. Plumber trench-and-sealed approximately 63' of the existing foundation, covering the rear wall, entire left side wall, and 5' of the front walls. The team excavated to the foundation footing, applied a three-membrane waterproofing application—GeoCell, Bitauthane, and Delta Board—ensuring durability and longevity. Native soil was then backfilled to 12" below grade in preparation for the J channel drainage system.

With the Bubbler System installation complete, Mary could rest assured knowing her property would be safe from water related issues for years to come!

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