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"Marc explained what he was doing and what my options were...."
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Clarence and Clarence Center
Replaced old laundry drain pump. Kept appointment time. Professional reps. Job well done. Very satisified. Mike C and Ed P. were pleasant and informative. They deserve a good bonus or pay raise :)
Joan B. of Clarence, NY
Hi, I used Frank's Basements Systems in the past and they told me about Frank's Mr. Plumber. I hired you to replace my wax gasket on my toilet. Marc explained what he was doing and what my options were. I would hire you again and you can use me as a reference.
Barbara W. of Clarence, NY
Your installation crew explained that they would be installing a sump pump with check valve, and discharge to splash outside. Also showed me everything when completed. Your rep was very helpful. Came out twice and always returned calls. Anthony was very friendly, detailed, and knowledgeable. I have to say I never heard any one say they love their job and actually mean it!!
Susan K. of Clarence Center, NY
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Clarence and Clarence Center
5 star
What company allows you to talk to the owner, if you need to!!
by Deb - Buffalo, NY 14222
Feb 15, 2024

Expert Sewer & Drainage Cleaning Services in Clarence And Clarence Center, NY

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Home Drainage-Drain & Sewer Cleaning

Preventing flooding and water damage to your home starts with proper drainage. Don't risk the foundation and structure of your home by allowing water to collect. We are experts in sump pumps, drainage & discharge lines, downspout extensions, and freezing discharge line protection. Our team with utilize camera technology to pinpoint the root cause of your sewers problem. With our modern products and sewer line replacement equipment, we can minimize property damage and prevent future clogs! Give us a call to get started on adding proper drainage to your Clarence/Clarence Center home.

Water Heater Repair & Replacement

Are cold showers in January appealing to you? Regular inspection and repair of your water heater are crucial, but sometimes replacement is necessary due to age or wear. We can help you choose between a tank water heater or tankless water heater that fits with your budget and needs, and then professionally install it in your Clarence and Clarence Center, NY home.

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Job Stories

Shut Off Valve Replacement in Clarence, NY.

Alexis, a resident of Clarence, NY, encountered a plumbing issue when her main shut-off valve started leaking. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, she promptly reached out to Frank's Mr. Plumber for assistance. The Frank's team arrived at Alexis's residence and conducted an inspection of the leaking shut-off valve. Recognizing the need for immediate action, they proceeded to replace the fixture with a new and reliable shut-off valve.

Once the replacement was complete, Alexis witnessed the immediate resolution of the leaking issue. The new shut-off valve provided a reliable barrier, preventing further leaks and potential water damage.

Branch Line Repair in Clarence, NY.

Walter, a homeowner in Clarence, NY, found himself in need of plumbing repairs while getting his crawl space waterproofed by another company. Upon being informed that his branch line required attention, Walter promptly called Frank's Mr. Plumber to address the issue. The Frank's team arrived at Walter's residence, where the waterproofing company had identified the specific areas requiring repair in the inch-and-a-half copper drain line located in the crawlspace.

With precision and expertise, the Frank's team cut the existing copper drain line in the crawlspace, replacing approximately a 4-foot section of the line. They skillfully reattached the new section to the existing drain-waste-vent (DWV) system in the crawlspace. Once the repair was complete, Walter observed a seamlessly repaired branch line, thanks to the collaborative efforts of both companies.

Interior Drain Line Repair in Clarence, NY.

When Greg from Clarence, NY found himself facing a frustrating situation with his malfunctioning toilet, he decided to take action. Having heard about the reliable services of Frank's Mr. Plumber, he made the call for assistance. Upon arrival, the Frank's team assessed the situation and proposed a comprehensive plan to tackle the toilet troubles. The solution involved the installation of all-new Koehler flappers in all three of Greg's toilets, ensuring optimal flushing performance. The team proceeded to snake all five vanity drains, aiming to restore smooth flow and prevent any potential blockages. As a final step, the Frank's team conducted a dye test to ensure there were no leaks in the newly installed Koehler flappers and the cleared drain lines.

Greg could now rest assured knowing that he had a smoothly functioning toilet and an overall improved plumbing infrastructure.

Faucet Repair in Clarence, NY.

Kim and Tom, residents of Clarence, NY, decided it was time for a kitchen upgrade when their faucet began showing signs of age and wear. Seeking a reliable solution, they reached out to Frank's Mr. Plumber to replace their kitchen faucet and bring a fresh look to their culinary space. The Frank's team arrived at Kim and Tom's residence and initiated the faucet replacement process. They began by turning off the water supply to ensure a safe and smooth installation. With precision and care, the team removed the existing faucet, taking note of any potential issues with the plumbing.

The new kitchen faucet was expertly installed, with the Frank's team ensuring a secure connection to the existing plumbing. Throughout the process, Kim and Tom were kept informed about the progress, and any questions they had were promptly addressed. Once the installation was complete, the Frank's team tested the new faucet to ensure proper functionality. Kim and Tom admired their upgraded kitchen fixture, pleased with the fresh look it brought to their culinary space.

Hose Bib in Clarence Center, NY

Allison, a homeowner in the Clarence Center, had spotted a quirk in her outdoor hose bib but she knew just who to call – Frank’s Mr. Plumber, her trusted go-to.!

After sorting out all her concerns, Frank’s Mr. Plumber, noticed that Allison was already using water filter cartridges on her faucets. Seizing the moment, they shared some exciting news—Frank’s Mr. Plumber was now offering whole house water filtration systems! Eager to share the benefits, they asked if they could showcase their water filtration solutions.

In a friendly chat, Frank’s Mr. Plumber walked Allison through the system, demonstrated how it worked, and even tested her water. Despite already having water filter cartridges in use, they explained that there were still some things slipping through the cracks. The best part? No electricity needed and zero maintenance for a whole decade! Plus, the cherry on top – it meant saving some hard-earned money.

Allison couldn’t have been happier. Not only was she able to cut costs, but she also extended the lifespan of her faucets, toilets, and hot water tank. As an added bonus, her water tasted better than ever.

Main Sewer Line Snake Out in Clarence, NY.

Walter, a homeowner from Clarence, NY found himself in an unpleasant situation. Walter had been smelling a foul odor coming from his crawl space, initially suspecting that a vent cap might have fallen off. However, to his dismay, the odor had permeated his entire house. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Walter quickly called Frank's Mr. Plumber.

Upon arrival, the Frank's Mr. Plumber team conducted a thorough inspection of Walter's property. They carefully examined the crawlspace, plumbing system, and vent caps to identify the source of the sewage odor. The team's expertise allowed them to rule out a missing vent cap as the primary issue.

To pinpoint the cause of the unpleasant smell, the plumbers decided to perform a Main Line Sewer Snake Out. This involved inserting specialized equipment into the main sewer line to locate and remove any obstructions causing the odor. During the Main Line Sewer Snake Out, the plumbers discovered a substantial clog in the main sewer line. This obstruction was not only responsible for the sewage odor but also impeding the proper flow of wastewater. The team skillfully removed the clog, restoring the functionality of Walter's plumbing system and eliminating the unpleasant smell that had invaded his home.

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