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Had you replace m A/C and Heating unit. The installation looks great!...
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Reviews From Grand Island
Testimonials From Grand Island
You repaired a clogged toilet drain for me. I called because you have 24 hour service. Mark was very thorough, friendly, clean, and did a great job!
Testimonial by Anthony B. from Grand Island, NY
You actually came here for an air conditioner tune up. I knew about you because you reapired a crack/leak in my basement before. This time when I mentioned an...
Testimonial by Mark A. from Grand Island, NY
You repaired my shower control knob. I hired you because of your "A" rating on Angie's List. Feel free to use me as a reference.
Testimonial by Jim P. from Grand Island , NY

Expert Sewer & Drainage Cleaning Services in Grand Island, NY

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  • Hot Water Heater Installation & Service
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Home Drainage-Drain & Sewer Cleaning

Preventing flooding and water damage to your home starts with proper drainage. Don't risk the foundation and structure of your home by allowing water to collect. We are experts in sump pumps, drainage & discharge lines, downspout extensions, and freezing discharge line protection. Our team with utilize camera technology to pinpoint the route cause of your sewers problem. With our modern products and sewer line replacement equipment, we can minimize property damage and prevent future clogs! Give us a call to get started on adding proper drainage to your Grand Island home.

Emergency Plumbing 

Bursting Pipes from freezing water is a frequent issue during the winter and leaks can cause serious water damage quickly. Other smaller issues like clogged drains or the well pump wearing out can be a pain. We are here to help you fix whatever problem you are facing from flooded basements to filthy sewers to frozen pipes. Again, we not only help fix emergencies but we help prevent them with home plumbing inspections.

Water Heater Repair & Replacement

Do freezing cold showers sound good in January? Inspecting and repairing your water heater is a must, but sometimes your water heater may simply be old and in need of replacement. We will help you choose a tank water heater or tankless water heater, that fits your budget and your needs and then install it in your Grand Island, NY home.


Case Studies From Grand Island
Customer was having issues with her sewer and has had it snake a few times in the last 6 months and there are always some tree roots that are taken...
Job Stories From Grand Island, NY
Hot Water Tank Fails on Grand Island, NY

Christopher has two 40-gallon hot water tanks one of which has failed. He would like to replace them both since they both were originally installed at the same time. He called Frank’s Mr. Plumber because they would come and give him a free no obligation estimate. Technician Craig arrived and gave Christopher 3 options in replacing his hot water tanks. Christopher selected the second option and the installation was set for following week.

After the installation, Christopher knew he would not have to worry about not having enough hot water for years to come.

Main Drain Backing UP in Grand Island, NY

Brandy noticed that the main line was backing up through the floor drain in her basement as well as some sewage, although her toilets were still working. Since she is already a customer of Frank’s Mr. Plumber and was always pleased with their service and professionalism, she called to make an appointment to get the drain snaked out. Technician Jerry promptly arrived and snaked out her drain. Once it was flowing again, Jerry sent a camera into the drain to see what was causing the back up. The camera showed that the clay drain tile was cracked and tree roots were invading the drain. Jerry gave Brandy a free estimate to repair the sewer line from the foundation to the main sewer line with PVC pipes as well as the traps and risers. Brandy agreed to have the job done.

Once the job was completed Brandy knew she wouldn’t have anymore issues for years to come.

Wet Yard on Grand Island, New York

Marice noticed that her yard was more wet than it should be. She does have a bubbler system and is concerned that it might not be working properly. Since she is already a customer of Frank’s Mr. Plumber, she knew she could trust them to find the problem. Technican Mike was dispatched to access the bubbler. He sent a camera into the bubbler system and found it to be broken in two places. Mike explained to Marice this and then gave her an estimate to replace the entire bubbler system. She accepted the estimate and a new bubbler system was installed the following week.

Marcie was pleased with the work and knew that for many years she would not have to worry about her bubbler.

Work Requests From Grand Island, NY
Project Location: Grand Island, NY
Laundry tub and kitchen sink drains are extremely slow. Bathtub drain is slower than it should be but is not backing up.
Project Location: Grand Island, NY
Tried to replace broken toilet flange on 2nd floor toilet. Flange was primed and glued to coupler. Coupler was also primed and glued to drain pipe. I accidentally broke top of drain pipe and need it replaced.
Project Location: Grand Island, NY
Flooding in yard, sump pump line clogged?
Project Location: Grand Island, NY
Need 50 gallon hot water tank replaced. Natural gas.
Project Location: Grand Island, NY
There is a natural gas line that was partially run to my patio. I need someone to finish hooking up the gas line in my basement and connecting it on my patio. Note the gas line runs through a cistern in the basement.
Project Location: Grand Island, NY
We need one of our units recharged or refilled. It is blowing warm air.
Project Location: Grand Island, NY
Furnace problems
Project Location: Grand Island, NY
I would like to get a quote on getting my kids shower faucet fixed. the cold water handle leaks when ever you turn it on,
Project Location: Grand Island, NY
Project Location: Grand Island, NY
I would like to receive a quote for duct cleaning in my home. We have approximately 21 vent openings. Our home has forced air heat and central air conditioning. Thank you.
Project Location: Grand Island, NY
Slow flow in sink and shower drains.
Project Location: Grand Island, NY
I had sewage backup into my bathtub cleared by Roto Rooter. Discovered pipe underground is disintergrated. Estimate to repair pipe needed. No basement...just a slab.
Project Location: Grand Island, NY
I would like to see about getting a quote for cleaning the dryer ducts we have here for our laundry room. Please let me know when you will be available so we can set something up.
Project Location: Grand Island, NY
Need a tankless hot water heater installed
Project Location: Grand Island, NY
I'm wondering about the cost of changing from my 50 gallon gas hot water tank to an instant hot water heater that never cools down.
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