Exterior Drainage: How Does It Work?

A lot can cause a yard to flood. In the Buffalo area, spring melt off combined with spring rains can leave standing water for months. Not only is the water an annoyance preventing yard and garden care, but it can also damage your home's foundation and cause basement flooding. Check out this article about how the water outside your home becomes water inside your home.

So, what to do? How can you protect your home's foundation and create a usable outdoor space? Exterior drainage.

Exterior drainage works in two ways: directing the water away from the house and allowing it to soak in underground.

PVC pipe is installed underground where the water collects and is ran away from the house to an area where the water can absorb quickly or be carried away, like a stream. The pipe has tiny holes in it allowing some of the water to soak in the ground around the pipes instead of the water just sitting on the top layer of soil.

If you have a wet yard or are noticing water entering your basement, call Frank's Mr. Plumber for a free estimate on exterior drainage.