Bubblers and How They Work

Bubbler systems are used in suburban an urban areas as a way to minimize backyard water. They are used to direct sump pump discharge, downspouts, or both to the street.

How does it work?

The sump pump discharge and downspouts are connected together and a bubbler line is installed below the frost line to prevent water in the line from freezing and backing up with ice. A cleanout is installed at the curb to allow for easy access to the system and to allow water to bubble over into the street during high volumes of water. Under normal circumstances, the water will flow directly into the storm sewer.

Why is it important?

Bubblers prevent the water from your sump pump from flooding your yard. This means you have more useful space in your yard, you are protecting your foundation from hydrostatic pressure, and you aren't cycling water in and out of your basement. Bubblers also keep storm water out of the sewer system which helps prevents sewer overflows and backups during heavy rains.

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