Garrett I.

Frank's Mr. Plumber

Service Assistant

Garrett has over 5 years of commercial and residential experience and loves the feeling of helping people. He is a service plumber and experienced in new builds and existing homes. With this involvement, he is familiar with making a positive impact on all of the people he works with.

With this professional experience, Frank’s Mr. Plumber saw what an asset Garrett would be to the company and brought him on board. Garrett brings a friendly approach to all calls he takes and is a true professional.

He is a trusted member of Frank’s Mr. Plumber and upholds the high standards of the company. In his spare time, Garrett enjoys spending riding his motorcycle, hunting, fishing, swimming, darts, cornhole, hammocking and hiking.

Frank’s Mr. Plumber is part of a group of more than 350 of the best contractors in the world that receive comprehensive training and support.

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