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Reviews From Tonawanda
Testimonials From Tonawanda
Leaky faucet and clogged drain. I have been a long time customer of yours. You profided good service, good...
Testimonial by Doris C. from Tonawanda, NY
When I called, you were prompt in responding to our calls. I had my sewer pipes replaced and the front cement...
Testimonial by Jack G. from Tonawanda, NY
I am a repeat customer and because of my positive experience, I hired you again.
Testimonial by Tim C. from Cheektowaga, NY

Expert Water Heater & Emergency Plumbing Contractor in Tonawanda, NY

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Home Drainage-Sewer Cleaning & Drain Cleaning

You may not realize it but water is seeping into the foundation your home weakening it with each year. Don't wait until you have flooding in your basement or a crack in your basement wall. We will setup the system your home needs to properly drain water away from the foundation. We are experts in sump pumps, drainage & discharge lines, downspout extension and freezing discharge line protection. Our team can handle the entire job utilizing our modern equipment.

Emergency Plumbing contractor in Tonawanda

Don't let water damage destroy your home. If you have an emergency issues like burst pipes or slow issues like clogging drains Mr. Plumber can fix the problem. We are experts with years of experience working with frozen pipes, worn well pumps and whatever else you may find. Again, we are not only repair men but prevention men. Let us know if you would like an inspection to catch issues before they become serious problems.

Water Heater Insulation, Repair & Replacement

Losing your hot water causes issues with cleaning your dishes, washing your clothes, and most noticeably...trying to take a shower. You don't need to deal with this issue! Give us a call anytime and we will head over and fix whatever is wrong with your water heater. If your water heater is old and nearing the end of its life we can also help you choose a better one offering options in tanks and tankless water heaters. Once you make your choice our professionals will install it for you and help make your Tonawanda more energy efficient.

Give us a call to get started on adding proper drainage to your Tonawanda home.


Case Studies From Tonawanda
Customer has an issue with a pipe under kitchen sink is leaking. Not sure from where or what pipe.
Press Releases From Tonawanda
Grand Opening of Frank's Mr. Plumber & Frank's Basement Systems New Storefront - 9 companies to debut at Home Improvement Marketplace... [Read more]
Job Stories From Tonawanda, NY
Bubbler System repair in the City of Tonawanda

Maureen noticed that her bubbler line was overflowing at the curb. She since she has used Frank’s Mr. Plumber in the past, she called and explained that when high volumes of rain the bubbler overflows at the street which supposed to do, she did pull some small parts of debris out of the system and was concerned that it wasn’t running right. Technicians Mike and Garrett were dispatched to access the situation. Mike explained to her that yes, the bubbler system should be cleaned out at least once a year to keep it flowing properly. He then showed her how she can clean it out.

Maureen was happy to learn how properly maintain her bubbler system for the future.

Leaky Main Water Shut Off Valve in the City of Tonawanda

Rhona had a faucet recently installed then noticed her main water shut off was leaking. Since she has used Frank’s Mr. Plumber previously and she was always impressed how professional and neat the technicians are, she knew she could trust them to do the work. She called to set an appointment. Technician Eli arrived promptly. Eli assured Rhona that the water would only be shut off for a short time. In no time at all Eli had shut off the water, replaced the valve and turned the water back on.


Rhonda was again pleased with how quickly the work was completed and knew she didn’t need to worry about having problems with the main shut-off again.


Drains are running slow again in the City of Tonawanda

Charles has had several different plumbers out to snake the bathroom sink but less than 2 months later, the drain would run slow again and he would have to have another plumber out to snake the drain again. He wanted to solve this issue permanently. He had read that Frank’s Mr. Plumber would do camera inspections to see where the problem was. He called Frank’s Mr. Plumber to set an appointment. Technician Mike ran a camera down his drain. It was determined that it was due to age of his pipes and should be replaced. Technician Mike gave Charles an estimate to take out existing galvanized drain lines going to vanity and tub and waste overflow. Frank’s Mr. Plumber would install new traps on vanity and tub drain along with new PVC piping. Since Frank’s Mr. Plumber trucks are fully equipped to handle most plumbing problems, Charles had the work completed on the spot.


Charles is happy and knows he won’t have any more issues with the drains in his bathroom for many years to come.

Work Requests From Tonawanda, NY
Project Location: Tonawanda, NY
Hello, I purchased a small ranch style home last year. Sump pump was installed prior to home closing. It seems to be directed incorrectly to the front yard and is causing water to pool in increasing amounts and is flowing on the property next door. There is also a drain pipe on the gutters in the same spot on the west side of the home. I would like a bubbler to the street and would like the pump to have the outlet on the other side of the front where it is installed. I need this soon or some temporary pipe outside to redirect the water. Thank you,
Project Location: Tonawanda, NY
We have a 3 or 4 bubbler style drain. Between the beginning and the first drain it is free, between the second and third drain there is a clog. It may just be grass washing away from the third drain or the city collapsed the pipe at the road when repaving it. I need between drains 2 and 3 snaked, preferably with a camera just in case it happens to be a tree root and I would like a snake ran also with a camera from drain 3 out to the road to see if the city did in fact collapse the pipe.
Project Location: Tonawanda, NY
Sewage back up in basement. Need to have someone come out to snake the slogged sewer drain.
Project Location: Tonawanda, NY
Sump pump won't turn off! I unplugged it so it wouldn't burn out, but I'm concerned about flooding if it continues to rain. I'm up if anyone is available to call now (11:40pm). Thank you!
Project Location: Tonawanda, NY
Attempted to call for emergency service, was unable to reach anyone. I came home to 4 inches of water in the basement. I think the sump pump needs to be replaced and I am terrified that 4 inches will be 4 feet REALLY soon.
Project Location: Tonawanda, NY
Frozen pipes
Project Location: Tonawanda, NY
I need 2 new toilets and installation of toilets. Also need a couple other things looked at, but right now looking for prices on 2 toilets including installation.
Project Location: Tonawanda, NY
My sewer has backed up once again. The last two times I had it done was on April 11th and then again on May 31st. I'm tired of it not being done right the first time and it costing me. I hope you can help. I just wanted to know what your charge is to have the sewer snaked?? Thank you in advance Michele
Project Location: Tonawanda, NY
Main sewer line clog. toilet overflow & bath tub backup
Project Location: Tonawanda, NY
Pipe leaking
Project Location: Tonawanda, NY
Need to know how much it would cost for a tech to come out tonight to look at our AC unit, it is not blowing cold air
Project Location: Tonawanda, NY
Have a slow running kitchen sink that backs up from one side to other when draining. Would like a price to convert it to PVC pipe.
Project Location: Tonawanda, NY
I have various projects that need completion. The tub and sink are draining slowly. Plunger works for about a day or two, but is getting annoying. I would also like the cover to the drain to be replaced and the drain stop to be fixed in the bathroom sink. Also, there there is a leak somewhere under my kitchen sink, towards the front middle. Would like to schedule something for next week sometime between 7/23 and 7/27.
Project Location: Tonawanda, NY
Sewage backup in basement
Project Location: Tonawanda, NY
Need water valve replaced by water meter in basement.
Project Location: Tonawanda, NY
My central air unit is making a strange noise and is blowing cool air but not cold.
Project Location: Tonawanda, NY
Sewer line is clogged/ slow draining. Need an estimate on clearing drain ect.
Project Location: Tonawanda, NY
We have a leak that is coming from our upstairs shower through the ceiling of our living room. I'd like to get an estimate for repair. Thanks
Project Location: Tonawanda, NY
Yard floods in spring from neighbors. Need a drain put in ??
Project Location: Tonawanda, NY
Home heater repair
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