Work Requests in Tonawanda

Frank's Mr. Plumber is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Tonawanda. Learn more about Frank's Mr. Plumber's recent work requests in Tonawanda and nearby areas!

Learn more about Franks Mr Plumber's recent work requests in Tonawanda, NY
Vicinity of Duffy Drive in Tonawanda
Sewer line is clogged/ slow draining. Need an estimate on clearing drain ect.
Vicinity of Glendale Drive in Tonawanda
We have a leak that is coming from our upstairs shower through the ceiling of our living room. I'd like to get an estimate for repair. Thanks
Vicinity of Rogers Ave in Tonawanda
Yard floods in spring from neighbors. Need a drain put in ??
Vicinity of Westfall Dr in Tonawanda
Home heater repair
Vicinity of Krehmore Place in Tonawanda
My sump pump runs frequently when it rains. I think burying the discharge line would help. I would like a quote on this
Vicinity of Westchester Blvd in Tonawanda
Just was looking for an estimate on cleaning out my drain line for my sump pump
Vicinity of Koenig Rd in Tonawanda
Upstairs toilet won't flush. Drains very very slowly. Was working fine until now. Tried a plunger and drano gel.
Vicinity of Cleveland Ave in Tonawanda
Replace kitchen sink trap and slow drain toilet Thank yoi
Vicinity of Bathurst Dr in Tonawanda
Unclog a shower, install a new toilet that has been purchased and provide an estimate for a new hot water tank (installed).
Vicinity of DuPont Ave in Tonawanda
Clogged drains in basement sink. Possibly rooter service. Tried snake but was not longer or wide enough
Vicinity of Stark Street in Tonawanda
The main sewer line from house is clogged at the street. I have open access pipe at the end of my driveway that gives you easy access, very close to the street. This is a common issue, about every 2 years. It typically takes longer to set up the Auger than it does to clear the line.
Vicinity of Morgan in Tonawanda
We have a few stop valves that are not working and the bath tub pipe is leaking and wondering on a quote from you! My dad will also require new tub fictures as the stems are broken.
Vicinity of Montrose in Tonawanda
Price on drainage
Vicinity of Treadwell Road in Tonawanda
Need to replace old electric hot water heater that is leaking and not heating well. Current is 80 Gal A.O. Smith, but do not need something this big. Looking for a 40-50 Gal capacity.
Vicinity of Wheeler St in Tonawanda
Furnace tune up and replace apirl air filter.
Vicinity of Wheeler St in Tonawanda
Bathtub fixtures are old and need replaced with newer updated. we are having issues now with dripping water and stoppage not working. I would just like to remove the old stuff and update it all with modern working stuff.
Vicinity of Mosher Dr in Tonawanda
There is a drain in my basement that is backing up into the basement, primarily when we use the washing machine.
Vicinity of Old Colony Ave in Tonawanda
Need boiler replacement
Vicinity of Fries Rd. in Tonawanda
Sump pump system needs to be town compliant: Discharge pipe must be 1.5" or 1.25" 40 PVC Add check valve at least 18" above floor Sump pump discharge that is buried underground must be removed
Vicinity of Simson St in Tonawanda
Bathroom leak under house in crawlspace. May want to move some of the plumbing.
Vicinity of Overbrook Ave in Tonawanda
I need to get my outside faucet replaced, it constantly drips and raises my water bill.
Vicinity of Cornwall Ave in Tonawanda
What would it cost to have an O ring installed on a toilet?
Vicinity of MORGAN ST in Tonawanda
Sump pump discharge line.
Vicinity of Midland Ave. in Tonawanda
My water heater is not in fact heating the water.
Vicinity of Floradale Ave in Tonawanda
Selling house, need plumbing/HAVC repairs done to fulfill closing agreement. 1) reconnect bathroom exhaust fan to roof vent, 2) clean and repair vent piping from hot water heater and furnace, 3) replace corroded drain pipe from bathroom to main stack. Please let me know if you can help with any/all of these. Thanks!
Vicinity of Moore Ave in Tonawanda
Hi. When using the shower upstairs, water leaks down into the basement. Tried caulking around the tub and still having issues. Can't see exactly where it's coming from. Steady drip. Looking for estimate to repair this issue.
Vicinity of Eden Ave in Tonawanda
My kitchen sink is totally clogged and the trap and plumbing needs to be replaced.
Vicinity of Meadow Lane in Tonawanda
Toilet is rocking
Vicinity of Dekalb St. in Tonawanda
Price on 40 gal. gas hot water heater
Vicinity of Moore Ave in Tonawanda
I would like to schedule a estimate to insulate my attic, it's about 800 Sq ft
Vicinity of Overbrook Ave in Tonawanda
We need our annual tune up for the heating system. Also need our pipes looked at- when we run the tub there is occasionally a black "puff" in the water... We have a crawl space, but it is immaculate and plastic covered. Could we set up an appointment for an estimate?
Vicinity of Westfall Dr in Tonawanda
We recently purchased & moved into our house right before the winter. Over the cold months the water in our upstairs bathroom faucet stopped working which we believe had frozen. We shut off the water to the upstairs but are looking to fix this problem as well as add a line for hot water which it appears the previous owners never did. Finally we are looking at install as shower to upstairs bathroom making it a complete full bath instead of a half bath. It is located directly above main bathroom on the main floor.
Vicinity of King St. in Tonawanda
Need sewer clean out Installed in front yard-need estimate
Vicinity of Green Acres Rd. in Tonawanda
I have a leak under my kitchen sink. It looks to be the garbage disposal. I need an estimate on repair or replace. It's an Insinkerator, installed around 1998.
Vicinity of King St in Tonawanda
All of my water pipes are frozen. I'm looking to get them thawed so they don't burst.
Vicinity of Parker Blvd. in Tonawanda
There is standing waste water in the crawlspace. There are also some really really old waste lines down in the crawlspace that should probably be replaced. I would like a cost estimate to see how much it would cost. Thank you for your time.
Vicinity of Ellicott Ct in Tonawanda
Hot water tank wont re light. Only a few yrs old called company was told they would warranty the parts but need a licensed plumber to put whatever parts are needed in. Wondering if this is something u can do and how much do u charge to come out and them put parts in
Vicinity of Greenleaf Avenue in Tonawanda
Drain line from the kitchen sink appears to be fully blocked. The trap is clear. Commercial drain cleaner was tried without success.
Vicinity of Dexter Terr. in Tonawanda
Need a new drain basket in kitchen sink
Vicinity of Fairlane in Tonawanda
Have an orange hot water once in a while, could be because i use salt for my whole house water filter? disappearse after tank flash, and comes back, thinking about tankless system
Vicinity of Parkedge Ave in Tonawanda
Air duct cleaaning for 10 vents
Vicinity of Broad in Tonawanda
Seeking estimates to replace very old 30 gallon gas water heater with 40 gallon (maybe 50 if not much more). 43.25 inches tall measured from base of heater, not from floor. Copper pipes.
Vicinity of Liston St in Tonawanda
Some of the drains appear to be clogged. This is noticeable in the bathroom sink, and especially in the utility tub in the basement, where water drains extremely slow.
Vicinity of Colvin Blvd in Tonawanda
Need to schedule a furnace checkup
Vicinity of DELAWARE STREET in Tonawanda
Vicinity of Maldiner Ave in Tonawanda
I would like to know the price for dryer vent/lint cleaning.
Vicinity of Young Street in Tonawanda
There is a backup in the backyard from the septic tank and i believe there might be a broken sewer pipe or roots blocking the line.I would like to get a estimate. thank you
Vicinity of Cleveland Drive in Tonawanda
Do you install kitchen sinks? I already have the all in one sink with faucet. I would just need new PVC pipes that attach to the sink and plumbing. If you do I would love a free estimate.
Vicinity of Woodstock Ave. in Tonawanda
Main sewer line needs it's annual maintenance clean-out, and an up-flushing, macerating toilet in the basement is running.
Vicinity of Wendel Ave in Tonawanda
Back up on lawn Have snaked and just cannot get any further, no dirt or mud on snake, so not collapsed. probably a tree root
Vicinity of Dale Dr in Tonawanda
Possible blocked bubbler line
Vicinity of Koenig Road in Tonawanda
Underneath my kitchen sink is leaking.
Vicinity of Wrexham Ct S in Tonawanda
How much does it cost for duct cleaning and how long does the process take on a 1200 sq ft house?
Vicinity of Plymouth Drive in Tonawanda
I have no water to my house. Had a drizzle this morning for a while and now nothing. I think I have a frozen pipe.
Vicinity of Frederick Road in Tonawanda
Sink and shower tub drain very slow. Have removed everything below the sink and cleaned out, no change. Would like services to check out and clean main sewer pipe in basement. Main sewer pipe also has a slight leak for the past 3 years since house was purchase. Would like services to plug leak.
Vicinity of Castleton Place in Tonawanda
50-yr old home. One hot water turn off valve is not longer turning off the water, severely leaking. Entire water line needs to be turned off to stop the water leak. This valve needs to be replaced.
Vicinity of Riverview Blvd in Tonawanda
First floor toilet partially plugged. Snaked it a few times, but no change. Bowl drains very slowly and if anything is flushed, even a small amount of toilet paper, it needs to be plunged to drain. All other drains in the house are fine, including the basement tub which drains directly into the main pipe.
Vicinity of State St in Tonawanda
Furnace is not working. turns on and off. its only 2 yrs old. should be under warranty. no clue who installed it.
Vicinity of Heritage Rd in Tonawanda
Need quote on new forced air gas furnace and hot water heater for 1500sq ft ranch on slab...duct work is in floor
Vicinity of Syracuse Street in Tonawanda
Slow running sewer causes test plug in basement floor to leak
Vicinity of Idlewood Drive in Tonawanda
Trench out gutters and sump pump line to curb
Vicinity of Riverview Blvd in Tonawanda
Need to install sump pump per town of tonawanda regs. Location has been determined by town, outlet through top of footer wall to splash block in house front corner. Pump must have separate wiring plug from elec.boxwhich is 10ft. Away.
Vicinity of Green Acres Rd. in Tonawanda
My backyard, especially the areas closest to the house, tends to pool water and recently some spots in the basement have had puddles. I'm more concerned about the outside drainage in my backyard and in front of my sump pump pipe in the front yard. I like the idea of drain tiling all my problem areas. I also would like my gutter system checked out for proper drainage.
Vicinity of Kohler St in Tonawanda
Main drain stack is clogged and needs to be snaked out
Vicinity of Newell Ave in Tonawanda
Clogged basement sink/drain
Vicinity of Rochelle Park in Tonawanda
New kitchen faucet install, old faucet is installed in a deep kitchen sink, tough access
Vicinity of Bannard Ave in Tonawanda
Drain for kitchen sink broke-connection of drain pipe from sink and pvc pipe going to sewer- pvc fitting at connection actually broke and came apart from drain pipe- probably needs new pvc T connection installed
Vicinity of Burns Ct in Tonawanda
Heater blows but doesn't year the house....need repair
Vicinity of Bannard Ave in Tonawanda
A pipe broke under the second floor bathroom/ceiling of the first floor bathroom and leaked into the basement. It appears that most of the plumbing in that section will need to be replaced.
Vicinity of Morgan St. in Tonawanda
Backed up sewer in basement
Vicinity of Clarence Harder Drive in Tonawanda
The floor drain in our basement is backing up any time we run sinks/showers/flush the toilet/etc. Water is pooling on the floor when we do so. My husband has tried using snaking the pipe, using Draino-type solutions, etc. and nothing seems to be working. Looking for someone to come out and take a look as well as an estimate on what repairs would cost.
Vicinity of Irvington Drive in Tonawanda
Broken sump pump/ flooded basement.
Vicinity of Wrexham Ct S in Tonawanda
Kitchen sink was backing up, while trying to snake drain pipe our selves found pipe under basement floor to be rotted through
Vicinity of Maplegrove Ave in Tonawanda
We're having 2 bathrooms redone with a contractor and need to know what your price would be to install 2 sink faucets, 1 shower faucet, and 1 shower/tub faucet. Are you able to work with the contractor to get the work done on a schedule? Thanks.
Vicinity of S Niagara Street in Tonawanda
I am interested in insulating a new metal pole barn with spray foam insulation. The barn measures 24' x 32' with Ten Foot High Walls. Ceiling also. Can you suggest solutions that your company offers with ball park pricing? Thank-You Randy
Vicinity of Cresthill Ave in Tonawanda
Need 2 long sections of galvanized pipe replaced from a copper fitting to my outdoor faucet. All pipes are exposed in basement. approximately 2 8ft lengths of pipe, 2 elbows
Vicinity of Old Colony Ave in Tonawanda
I called prior but you were booked for some time. Would like video inspection and analysis of downspout system. South wall damp.