Work Requests in North Tonawanda

Frank's Mr. Plumber is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in North Tonawanda. Learn more about Frank's Mr. Plumber's recent work requests in North Tonawanda and nearby areas!

Learn more about Franks Mr Plumber's recent work requests in North Tonawanda, NY
Vicinity of Eddy Dr in North Tonawanda
The faucet in our utility tub (basement) is continually dripping. It is an older style faucet, and I was not able to pull it apart to get to the washer. Also, the drain itself for the tub leaks where it joins the trap.
Vicinity of Krueger Road in North Tonawanda
I am requesting a quote for replacing 2 outdoor water spigots.
Vicinity of Bryant St in North Tonawanda
We are looking to have a 1st floor 1/2 bath installed under the main staircase, and would like to discuss a quote. Please email or call at your convenience. Thank you, Bob
Vicinity of in North Tonawanda
Pipes are frozen
Vicinity of East Ave in North Tonawanda
Small gas leak near stove, tried replacing line, but still smell gas, we turn valve off and no smell , cannot figure out if it is from the stove or line to the stove.....very small leak
Vicinity of Pintail Ct. in North Tonawanda
The water heater is leaking,may need to replace
Vicinity of Wilrose Court in North Tonawanda
We have lived in our house for 5 years now and have never had the ducts cleaned.
Vicinity of Balla Dr in North Tonawanda
50 gallon water heater blew out
Vicinity of Leah Dr in North Tonawanda
Kitchen sinks will not drain. The washer drains and backs up into my kitchen sinks
Vicinity of Paddock Ridge in North Tonawanda
I am looking to run a gasline from my basement to my patio for a grill. Can you do this? If you can, I am looking for a ballpark price. It is a fairly straight run, approx 15'. I was looking for 3/4" black pipe preferably. Please let me know.
Vicinity of Sherwood Ave in North Tonawanda
Looking for a quote on three different jobs 1. To install a new toilet 2 under kitchen sink came pipes came unfastened on one side causing leaking when sink used 3) hot water tank has small leak from release valve
Vicinity of Fredericka St in North Tonawanda
Need a sewer pipe scoped to see the damage under the foundation.
Vicinity of Brentwood Drive in North Tonawanda
We need a sump pump installed we have no sump pump now. I would like to install downspout discharge lines around the house also. I would like to look at options on heating the basement.
Vicinity of Vanderbilt Ave in North Tonawanda
I'm looking to get a water powered back up sump pump. Is that something you could provide?
Vicinity of Sweeney in North Tonawanda
Main Sewer Line backed up- would like estimate friday
Vicinity of Fairfiled Drive in North Tonawanda
New hot water tank install with shut off valve and expansion tank.
Vicinity of Barrally Street in North Tonawanda
My 2 sinks in the basement are backing up when I do laundry. The basement toilet seems to be fine, it may have a backup prevention valve. I think I have a clog where the water leaves the house.
Vicinity of Marigold Drive in North Tonawanda
I have an AO smith fpsh 50 260, that came with the house in 2003. Within the past week and a half, it has not been working properly and our water has been luke warm at it's best.
Vicinity of Homeyer Rd in North Tonawanda
We have a less than 5 year old Rannai Tankless water heater that stopped working. one contractor has told us its a faulty gas valve. we would like a second opinion and/or replacement if repairs are too costly. can you help?
Vicinity of Homestead in North Tonawanda
Need to install 2 new toilets
Vicinity of Payne Ave in North Tonawanda
I'm contacting you on behalf of the Gersh Experience, the company I work for. We have an central air conditioning unit that is not functioning and would like a quote on fixing it. Thank you.
Vicinity of Linwood Ave in North Tonawanda
Need to bring sump pump up to code, sink and bathroom in basement disconnect, replace some faucets
Vicinity of in North Tonawanda
Hi. I am contacting you on behalf of my parents. They are in desperate need of plumbing services at this time. I am looking for a company that is willing to take payments because of their income. Please let me know if you would be able to help them out. Thank you for your time and I am looking forward to hearing good news from you. Thanks.
Vicinity of Errick Road in North Tonawanda
Vicinity of Cambridge Ave in North Tonawanda
Looking for estimates on replacing my sump pump with a possible battery back up. Water is flowing into well quickly, want to make sure the pump doesn't fail, its pretty old.
Vicinity of Sage Court in North Tonawanda
13 year old "State Select" 40 gallon hot water heater. The pilot light goes out occasionally, making a really loud WHUMP. We replaced the thermocouple yesterday morning and the unit worked well until 4:00 pm today (Sunday). Can you give me a price on replacing the hot water heater?
Vicinity of Meyer Rd in North Tonawanda
Remodeling a garage into a pet grooming salon. Need a small, efficient gas furnace (a/c) for 375 sq ft of open area.
Vicinity of Sweeeny in North Tonawanda
Pipe leak under kitchen sink has caused damage to cabinate. Will need cost to repair pipes and replace kitchen cabinet
Vicinity of Meadowbrook Drive in North Tonawanda
I currently have two sump pumps with water pressure back up units and I am interested in replacing them both with Basepump units. Are you able to install these? I would like to get a quote for replacement.
Vicinity of Culpepper Dr in North Tonawanda
Sump pump water back up is constantly running (very lightly). Probably needs an adjustment. Want system checked out.