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The first time I used you, you were recommended by my sister. I hired you the 2nd time because Jeff...
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Reviews From Erie County
Testimonials From Erie County
There is no price that I can place on the piece of mind your services has given me. I'm sure you will hear from me again. Thank you for the concern you have...
Testimonial by Debbie K. from Eden, NY
Jerry was outstanding. He saved my life and my home!!
Testimonial by Bernadette P. from Hamburg, NY
I heard of you through word-of-mouth and called you for a furnace check-u. I found you guy friendly, he even checked my hot water tank.
Testimonial by Charles T. from Orchard Park, NY

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Emergency Plumbing 

Bursting Pipes from freezing water is a frequent issue during the winter and leaks can cause serious water damage quickly. Other smaller issues like clogged drains or the well pump wearing out can be a pain. We are here to help you fix whatever problem you are facing from flooded basements to filthy sewers to frozen pipes. Again, we not only help fix emergencies but we help prevent them with home plumbing inspections.

Water Heater Repair & Replacement

Do freezing cold showers sound good in January? Inspecting and repairing your water heater is a must, but sometimes your water heater may simply be old and in need of replacement. We will help you choose a tank water heater or tankless water heater, that fits your budget and your needs and then install it in your Erie, NY home.

Home Drainage-Drain & Sewer Cleaning

Preventing flooding and water damage to your home starts with proper drainage. Don’t risk the foundation and structure of your home by allowing water to collect n your home. We are experts in sump pumps, drainage & discharge lines, downspout extensions, and freezing discharge line protection. Give us a call to get started on adding proper drainage to your Erie home.


Case Studies From Erie County
Customer has an issue with a pipe under kitchen sink is leaking. Not sure from where or what pipe.
Job Stories From Erie County, NY
Broken Bubbler at the Curb in the Town of Tonawanda, NY

Barbara B. looked out her front window and noticed that she could no longer see her bubbler cap at the curb. Unsure of what was happening, she gave Frank's Mr. Plumber a call, as she had other projects completed by them in the past. Barabara quickly called to schedule an appointment and Frank's was there in no time to provide a free in person estimate and inspection!

It was determined that the course of action needed to rectify the situation was to excavate from the curb to the sidewalk to expose the plumbing. The team got to work and cut out the broken sections and installed new 4-inch PVC to the existing bubbler. Barbara B. was happy with the estimate and the job was completed that SAME day.


Clogged Tub in Kenmore, NY.

Jack was having a peaceful evening to himself, when he suddenly noticed that his bathroom tub had begun to back up with sewage and was starting to overflow! After hours of trying to plunge the clog out of his tub, Jack gave the experts at Frank's Mr. Plumber a call to get some help.

The Frank's team was at Jack's house in no time at all and was able to perform a branch line snake out to unclog his tub.

Jack can now rest assured knowing that if he ever experiences another hefty clog, the Frank's team will be there to help!

Faucet Repair in Kenmore, NY.

Linda, a local landlord, was working towards renovating one of her properties. In an attempt to keep costs low, she decided to install a faucet into the kitchen sink by herself. Unfortunately, a few hours after her hard work, the faucet began to leak. On top of that, the main valve in the basement of her property began to leak as well. Unsure of what to do, Linda contacted the experts at Frank's Mr. Plumber for a free estimate and inspection. 

Shane and his crew were there in no time at all and quickly froze Linda's main water line so they could get to work. Only two new ball valves were needed to fix Linda's problem - and both were installed to the existing piping that same day!

Linda can now rest assured knowing that her tenant WON'T have to deal with leaky pipes!

Hydro-Jetting in Kenmore, NY.

Marsha had a Bubbler System installed by Frank's Mr. Plumber a few years back, and knew she was due for a cleaning. Impressed with their previous work, she decided to give Frank's Mr. Plumber another call to see what could be done. 

The Frank's crew was there in no time at all, and quickly got to work. Marsha's entire bubbler system was jetted from the clean out next to her sump pump, to the curb outside her house. Once the job was done, the Frank's team was sure to double check that everything was cleaned properly by sending a camera system into the bubbler system. Once everything was clean and met our very high standards, Marsha's bubbler system was good to go and protected under warranty for up to 6 months!

Marsha can now rest assured knowing that her preventative maintenance and cleaning will save her thousands of dollars and a lot of stress down the line!

Leaky Sink in Lancaster, NY.

Chris was having a normal Monday afternoon, when all of a sudden, he noticed his kitchen sink was leaking from underneath! Unsure what to do, Chris called the experts at Frank's Mr. Plumber for help. 

The Frank's team was there in no time at all, and quickly got to work on Chris's sink. The first step in fixing Chris's sink was to remove both existing basket strainers and install new end outlet waste and basket strainers with a new trap. Once this was done, the sink was turned back on to ensure the leak was gone. Everything looked great, and Chris was thrilled with the speed and precision of the job.

Main Sewer Line Snake out in Lancaster, NY.

Nick was thrilled to finally have a place that included in house laundry, until the day he noticed that his laundry tub was draining slow. Unsure of what to do, Nick called the experts at Frank's Mr. Plumber for a free inspection and estimate. 

Jerry was there in no time at all and found the issue to be a clog in Nick's main sewer line. That same day, the Frank's team was able to snake out the main sewer line in Nick's home - removing the clog and restoring the functionality of his laundry room.

Nick is thrilled to be able to use at full capacity once more!

Hot Water Tank Installation in Lancaster, NY.

Rebecca, a first-time homeowner, was thrilled to finally be on her own - until the day her Hot Water Tank stopped working. Unsure what to do, Rebecca first reached out to her parents, who quickly informed her that if she were to replace her hot water tank, she should use a Bradford White system. 

Now that Rebecca was ready to tackle this problem, she gave the experts at Frank's Mr. Plumber a call to get things moving. Brian and his team were there in no time and were able to install a 40-gallon Bradford White hot water tank with a 10-year warranty.

Rebecca can now rest assured knowing her hot water problems were over, and that she was able to get EXACTLY what she needed from Frank's Mr. Plumber.

Tub Repair in Hamburg, NY.

Thea was living happily with her significant other and young child, until one day the thing she dreaded most happened. During bath time, Thea's child grabbed hold of the tub drain cap, and ripped it right OUT of the bathtub! Water was EVERYWHERE, and the tub was draining fast!

Thea was absolutely flabbergasted - how was she supposed to fix this!

Luckily, she had heard a commercial that same morning for Frank's Mr. Plumber. She quickly gave Frank's a call, and they were able to get to her house that SAME DAY for a repair.

The Mr. Plumber team preformed a drain cleaning of the branch line in Thea's basement and cleaned the kitchen and laundry tub in the basement through the floor drain. Once they were certain there were no clogs in Thea's system, they went ahead with installing a new tub drain cap - making sure it was EXTRA secure.

Thea can now rest assured knowing that her water lines are clean and protected from rouge hands during bath time.

Clogged Sink in Hamburg, NY.

Jeff, who was renting a small home for the first time, was living life as per usual when he noticed one day his bathroom sink was clogged! Confident he could fix this clog by himself, Jeff headed over to his local hardware store for some draino, and other chemicals used to fix bad clogs. Much to Jeff's disappointment, nothing he bought was working, and the clog remained. Frustrated, Jeff gave the experts at Frank's Mr. Plumber a call to get some help. The Frank's team was there in no time at all and was able to use a cordless snake to remove Jeff's clog.

With the water flow in his home restored, Jeff was able to get back to peaceful living!

Bubbler System Installation in Hamburg, NY.

Marie had a brand-new Sump Pump System installed by Frank's Basement Systems but had no bubbler system to ensure all water from the sump pump was being discharged properly. After receiving a referral from Frank's Basement Systems, for Frank's Mr. Plumber, Marie was thrilled to be able to get the service she needed from the same company she trusted to install her Sump Pump. 

Jason and Kyle were at Marie's house in no time at all - and quickly got to work! They began by installing 80' of 4" solid PVC drainage line in accordance with Marie's town code. The process was long, and included a tunnel bore under one of the sidewalk panels on Marie's street!

The wait was worth it, and by the time the job was complete, it looked as if no work had been done at all - as the Frank's team made sure they re-leveled Marie's lawn and added new concrete to where they needed to remove part of the sidewalk!

Exterior Sewer Replacement in the Town of Tonawanda

Joe received a notice from his town inspector that his drain line collapsed in his front yard, and he needed to repair it ASAP. Joe called Frank's Mr. Plumber to get a free no obligation estimate for the repair and to see how fast he could get it done.

Frank's Mr. Plumber technician Shane went right away to survey the job and provide an estimate. This included excavating from the front of the house all the way to the main connection and replacing the existing line with 4" PVC piping. Shane assured Joe that the job could be completed in the next day or so. Joe was happy with the price and signed right away. The job was scheduled and completed in with two days.

Joe is happy that he longer has a wet front yard and with a twenty-year warranty he won't have to worry about his sewer line for a long time!

Replacing The Water Service from the Curb to the House in the Town of Tonawanda

Sharyn knew she had old, outdated plumbing from the street to her house and decided it was time to update it before she would start having issues. She had work already done by Frank's Mr. Plumber and happy with the professional work they provided, so she gave them a call to get an estimate.

Sharyn decided to have the work done. This included have all the exterior water lines replaced with piping, have new shut off valves replaced as well as two frost free hose bibs. Frank's Mr. Plumber crew came and replaced all the lines within one day.

Sharyn was very pleased with how fast and professional the job was done. She doesn't need to worry about her exterior water lines for many years to come.

Exterior Sewer Collapse in Cheektowaga, NY

John was having issues with his sewer backing up and called to have someone come and snake it out. Frank's Mr. Plumber technician Ed arrived and proceeded to snake out John's sewer line and got it running. Frank's Mr. Plumber always use a camera in the line after snaking it out, to see what was causing the sewer line to become clogged. As Ed was using the camera, he saw that the sewer line had collapsed at the trap and riser and showed it to John. 

John then scheduled to have the trap and riser replaced with new PVC piping. Once the trap was removed, they would again camera inspect the existing sewer line was ok. It was determined that the existing sewer line was ok so only the trap and riser needed to be replaced.

Joh was happy with the completed job and knew he didn't need to worry about his sewer lines for years to come.

Interior Hung Sewer in Cheektowaga, NY

Abdual was having issues with his drains running slow and sometimes they would clog up. Frustrated, he gave the experts at Frank's Mr. Plumber a call for a free in person inspection and estimate. After Frank's Mr. Plumber Technician Mike arrived and snaked out Abdual's drains - the camera was sent in to see what exactly the issue was. Abdual decided it was time to fix his sewer issues and received an estimate for a hung sewer. Having worked With Frank's Mr. Plumber in the past, he knew that they were professional and always completed the jobs on time.

Abdual was very happy when the job was completed and knew he didn't need to worry about his interior sewer for many years to come.

Broken Exterior Gas Line in Cheektowaga, NY

Dominic saw that his outside gas line had split, so he called his local gas utility to come to check it out. The gas company capped off the line before the spilt and suggested he get it fixed by his local plumber. Dominic: who is already a customer of Frank's Mr. Plumber; knew he could trust that the job would be completed properly.  The technician Ed came and gave Dominic an estimate to replace his gas line. Since Dominic used that gas line to connect to his backup generator, he was happy to get it fix.

Dominic now has a piece of mind, that if in the future, his electric goes out in his home the gas generator will keep his home light and warm.

Bubbler System Install in Williamsville, NY

Arthur was having issues with water flooding in his yard, which was frustrating as with the summer coming, he wanted to be able to use more of his yard. He started to look for solutions and saw the Frank's Mr. Plumber offered different types of solutions.

He sat down with Mike, who is an expert at drainage solutions. It was decided that the best solution was to install 4" PVC piping along with a complete bubbler system in which all the downspouts would be connected to the bubbler system which was connected the storm sewer with a bubbler at the curb.

Arthur was so happy that his yard is now dry, and he is assured for years to come to be able to use all of his yard!

Leaky Hot Water Tank gets replaced in Williamsville, NY

Dennis went to his basement and noticed his hot water tank was leaking. Being a current customer of Frank's Mr. Plumber, he called them right away knowing they would be able to help.

Technician Shane arrived and surveyed the area to make sure it was the hot water heater. He promptly provided and estimate, and Dennis approved. The hot water tank was installed the same day. 

Dennis now doesn't need to worry about his hot water tank and knows that he will have hot water for years to come!

Concerned About the Sewer Before Having a Tree Taken Down in Williamsville, NY

Jean called and voiced her concerns that she is having a large black walnut tree taken down which sits about 3 feet off the sewer. She is looking for advice on getting the stump removed as she hasn't had any issues with her sewer in the 45 years she has lived there. She would also like an estimate for a camera inspection to check for roots and damage from the tree.

Frank's Mr. Plumber technicians Mike and Tanis arrived on time. They surveyed the situation and left her an estimate for a camera inspection. 

Jean decided to leave the stump and if she had any issues, she would call us in the future.

Main sewer blocked up and unable to use facilities in Williamsville, NY

Kevin called on a Sunday because he could not use his toilet and the drains were backing up and it was so frustrating as he is hosting a Super Bowl Party. Kevin went online to find a plumber that could come immediately so he wouldn’t have to cancel the party. He found Frank’s Mr. Plumber and was able to get a plumber right away.  Frank's Mr. Plumber technician Jerry was sent to solve the problem. Jerry used the snake through the sewer vent on the front lawn to unclog the line. He then camera inspected to make sue the blockage was removed.

Kevin was now able to use his toilet and his drains were working properly again. Kevin was able to enjoy watching the Super Bowl with his friends. 

Hydro-Jetting Storm & Sanitary Sewers in Orchard Park, NY

Gary, who works for St. John Vianney RC Church, got to work and noticed that the parking lot receivers were backing up. Having had this problem in the past, he knew that they needed to be hydro-Jetted to get them running again. Since St. John Vianney RC Church had used Frank's Mr. Plumber in the past and were always pleased with their professional service, Gary called them to set appointment right away as it was Friday, and the church has Saturday and Sunday events and church services.

Frank's Mr. Plumber scheduled the appointment right away and sent technician Jerry out to take care of the of the situation. Since this was the second time for this to happen and that there were many receivers, Jerry; while jetting out the sewers; mapped out where they were so in the future it would be easier and quicker to do the jetting. 

Gary was pleased and knew they would not have an issue for the weekend!


Water Pooling in Yard from Sump Pump Drain in Orchard Park, NY

Kevin recently had a sump pump installed in his basement with the drainpipe exiting onto his front lawn. He noticed that the water from the drainpipe was pooling on the lawn. He decided that he should call Frank's Mr. Plumber to see if they could provide a solution.

Frank's Mr. Plumber technician Jerry went and met with Kevin and discussed his options. It was decided the best option was to install a new storm sewer conductor from 5 feet before the walkway to the storm drains before the street, angling it away from the electrical line and tree as they were in the path of the new conductor. An appointment was set for the install the following Wednesday. 

Once the job was completed, Kevin was thrilled that water was no longer pooling into his yard!


Tankless Water Heater Installed in Orchard Park, NY

Mike was in the process of getting his basement remodeled and wanted an estimate to move his current hot water tank and possibly upgrade to a tankless water heater. Since he had used Frank's Mr. Plumber in the past and was pleased with the service he received, he decided to call them for a free estimate. Frank's Mr. Plumber technician Brain came out and provided Mike with quotes on moving the hot water tank and for a new tankless water heater. Once Mike's project got underway, he called and had decided to have the tankless water heater installed instead of having the hot water tank moved. Since his hot water tank was newer, the crew carefully removed it to save the water heater for a donation. The crew installed the new tankless water heater along with new hot and cold-water feed to the unit and reconnected them to the existing pipe. 

Mike was happy once the job was completed that he would not have to worry about running out of hot water in the future.

Drains are running slow again in the City of Tonawanda

Charles has had several different plumbers out to snake the bathroom sink but less than 2 months later, the drain would run slow again and he would have to have another plumber out to snake the drain again. He wanted to solve this issue permanently. He had read that Frank’s Mr. Plumber would do camera inspections to see where the problem was. He called Frank’s Mr. Plumber to set an appointment. Technician Mike ran a camera down his drain. It was determined that it was due to age of his pipes and should be replaced. Technician Mike gave Charles an estimate to take out existing galvanized drain lines going to vanity and tub and waste overflow. Frank’s Mr. Plumber would install new traps on vanity and tub drain along with new PVC piping. Since Frank’s Mr. Plumber trucks are fully equipped to handle most plumbing problems, Charles had the work completed on the spot.


Charles is happy and knows he won’t have any more issues with the drains in his bathroom for many years to come.

Leaky Main Water Shut Off Valve in the City of Tonawanda

Rhona had a faucet recently installed then noticed her main water shut off was leaking. Since she has used Frank’s Mr. Plumber previously and she was always impressed how professional and neat the technicians are, she knew she could trust them to do the work. She called to set an appointment. Technician Eli arrived promptly. Eli assured Rhona that the water would only be shut off for a short time. In no time at all Eli had shut off the water, replaced the valve and turned the water back on.


Rhonda was again pleased with how quickly the work was completed and knew she didn’t need to worry about having problems with the main shut-off again.


Bubbler System repair in the City of Tonawanda

Maureen noticed that her bubbler line was overflowing at the curb. She since she has used Frank’s Mr. Plumber in the past, she called and explained that when high volumes of rain the bubbler overflows at the street which supposed to do, she did pull some small parts of debris out of the system and was concerned that it wasn’t running right. Technicians Mike and Garrett were dispatched to access the situation. Mike explained to her that yes, the bubbler system should be cleaned out at least once a year to keep it flowing properly. He then showed her how she can clean it out.

Maureen was happy to learn how properly maintain her bubbler system for the future.

Wet Yard on Grand Island, New York

Marice noticed that her yard was more wet than it should be. She does have a bubbler system and is concerned that it might not be working properly. Since she is already a customer of Frank’s Mr. Plumber, she knew she could trust them to find the problem. Technican Mike was dispatched to access the bubbler. He sent a camera into the bubbler system and found it to be broken in two places. Mike explained to Marice this and then gave her an estimate to replace the entire bubbler system. She accepted the estimate and a new bubbler system was installed the following week.

Marcie was pleased with the work and knew that for many years she would not have to worry about her bubbler.

Main Drain Backing UP in Grand Island, NY

Brandy noticed that the main line was backing up through the floor drain in her basement as well as some sewage, although her toilets were still working. Since she is already a customer of Frank’s Mr. Plumber and was always pleased with their service and professionalism, she called to make an appointment to get the drain snaked out. Technician Jerry promptly arrived and snaked out her drain. Once it was flowing again, Jerry sent a camera into the drain to see what was causing the back up. The camera showed that the clay drain tile was cracked and tree roots were invading the drain. Jerry gave Brandy a free estimate to repair the sewer line from the foundation to the main sewer line with PVC pipes as well as the traps and risers. Brandy agreed to have the job done.

Once the job was completed Brandy knew she wouldn’t have anymore issues for years to come.

Hot Water Tank Fails on Grand Island, NY

Christopher has two 40-gallon hot water tanks one of which has failed. He would like to replace them both since they both were originally installed at the same time. He called Frank’s Mr. Plumber because they would come and give him a free no obligation estimate. Technician Craig arrived and gave Christopher 3 options in replacing his hot water tanks. Christopher selected the second option and the installation was set for following week.

After the installation, Christopher knew he would not have to worry about not having enough hot water for years to come.

Slow Drains in Depew, NY

Dave has had issues in the past with slow drains and has had them snaked and jetted a few times. He decided to call Frank’s Mr. Plumber as he saw the Frank’s would give a free no obligation estimate and has used Frank’s in the past. Technician Ed came arrived and  sent a camera into drain to access the situation. Ed saw that the sewer needed replacing. Ed was able to give Dave an estimate. Dave decided to get the job done and the job was scheduled for the following Monday.

Once the job was completed, Dave knew that for many years to come he didn’t have to worry about his sewer backing up again.

Bubbler System Not working in Depew, NY

Jeff was having issues with his bubbler and knew it was clogged somewhere between the house and the street. Jeff knew it either needed to snaked or jetted out. Jeff saw the Frank’s Mr. Plumber offered both services and would give a free no obligation estimate before doing any work, so he called and made an appointment. Technician Shane arrived and gave Jeff an estimate for jetting out the bubbler line. Jeff was happy with the price and the job was scheduled for the following Monday as it wasn’t an emergency . Technician Shane came back on Monday and jetted out the bubbler to get it flowing again. Shane then ran the camera to make sure that the bubbler was totally clear. Shane noticed that the bubbler was broken at the curb and gave Jeff a free estimate to repair it. Jeff approved the estimate and the job was scheduled for the following week.

After the installation was complete, Jeff knew he wouldn’t have any more issues with his bubbler for a long time.

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