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Sewer & Duct Cleaning in Cheektowaga, NY

I had my drain unclogged and had a good customer experience. You were very professional and courteous. I would recommend...
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Reviews From Cheektowaga
Testimonials From Cheektowaga
Hi, you performed a sewer cleanout at my house. Pat was prompt, courteous, helpful and professional. Great member of your team.
Testimonial by Janelle C. from Cheektowaga, NY
Jeff came both times and is very kind and friendly. He knows his stuff.
Testimonial by Jaime F. from Cheektowaga, NY
We heard about you through our "Thank a vet" program. We hired you to drain our clogged kitchen sink. Everyone was excellent. We were very happy with the work...
Testimonial by Diane and Daniel from Cheektowaga, NY

Reliable Emergency Plumbing Services in Cheektowaga, NY

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Emergency Plumbing 

Bursting Pipes from freezing water is a frequent issue during the winter and leaks can cause serious water damage quickly. Other smaller issues like clogged drains or the well pump wearing out can be a pain. We are here to help you fix whatever problem you are facing from flooded basements to filthy sewers to frozen pipes. Again, we not only help fix emergencies but we help prevent them with home plumbing inspections.

Water Heater Repair & Replacement

Do freezing cold showers sound good in January? Inspecting and repairing your water heater is a must, but sometimes your water heater may simply be old and in need of replacement. We will help you choose a tank water heater or tankless water heater, that fits your budget and your needs and then install it in your Cheektowaga, NY home.

Home Drainage-Drain & Sewer Cleaning

Preventing flooding and water damage to your home starts with proper drainage. Don’t risk the foundation and structure of your home by allowing water to collect n your home. We are experts in sump pumps, drainage & discharge lines, downspout extensions, and freezing discharge line protection. Give us a call to get started on adding proper drainage to your Cheektowaga home.


Job Stories From Cheektowaga, NY
Broken Exterior Gas Line in Cheektowaga, NY

Dominic saw that his outside gas line had split, so he called his local gas utility to come to check it out. The gas company capped off the line before the spilt and suggested he get it fixed by his local plumber. Dominic: who is already a customer of Frank's Mr. Plumber; knew he could trust that the job would be completed properly.  The technician Ed came and gave Dominic an estimate to replace his gas line. Since Dominic used that gas line to connect to his backup generator, he was happy to get it fix.

Dominic now has a piece of mind, that if in the future, his electric goes out in his home the gas generator will keep his home light and warm.

Work Requests From Cheektowaga, NY
Project Location: Cheektowaga, NY
I'm interested in getting an estimate on a french drain/bubbler system. Our sump pump is discharging water onto our front lawn.
Project Location: Cheektowaga, NY
Slow water. Snake head broke in drain. Drain may connect to sump drain.
Project Location: Cheektowaga, NY
Looking to replace gas hot water tank with gas on demand hot water.
Project Location: Cheektowaga, NY
Toilet backed up is there maybe ice blockage at the end of my sewer line? I can see air bbbles in the toilet , and gurggling sound. concerns because the temps are supposed to drop over night
Project Location: CHEEKTOWAGA, NY
When water drains from bathroom or kitchen, dirty water backs up into the laundry tubs, which then drain very slowly. One pound foaming root killer was flushed about two weeks ago; no change observed since.
Project Location: Buffalo, NY
We've had water in the basement the past two times it has rained hard. The Town checked the sewer line and said it was okay. They recommended snaking the water pipe.
Project Location: Buffalo, NY
House is being sold. Inspector said there is a leak in the shower that needs repair. Sale of house is contingent. Need done ASAP.
Project Location: Cheektowaga, NY
Drain tile estimate
Project Location: Buffalo, NY
Project Location: Cheektowaga, NY
Hello. We still need the price for the pipe to go from and to the two drains in our parking lot so we can get our parking lot work done. As you might recall, you replaced both drains last fall.
Project Location: Buffalo, NY
I've received an estimate regarding my main sewer line that goes to my house filled with tree roots. They snakes it and did a free camera search for me and the 6" wide pipes are loaded. They suggested putting a 4" wide pipe through it clearing it so I don't get a back up in my utility sink again. Just looking to try and get another estimate before I make my final decision. Looking to get this done as soon as possibly before a back up in my basement utility sink happens again
Project Location: Buffalo, NY
Pipe near toilet is wet.
Project Location: Cheektowaga, NY
Need quote to replace all water lines from the main. circa 1942.
Project Location: Cheektowaga, NY
We believe we may have either a blockage or damage to our main sewer line. How much does a camera inspection cost?
Project Location: Cheektowaga, NY
The toilet will not flush, tried snaking and plunging. This has been going on and off for a few months, sometimes it will flush and then nothing.
Project Location: Buffalo, NY
I need help for my main sewerage line.
Project Location: Buffalo, NY
After having a home energy test at our house from Frank's, two very small gas leaks were found at a junction point and a turn off valve in our basement. I would like to get those repaired. I would also like to install a main turn off valve within the house and cap off/remove another line that is no longer used.
Project Location: Buffalo, NY
Plugged toilet
Project Location: Cheektowaga, NY
EstimAte on replacing bathroom toilet
Project Location: Cheektowaga, NY
Need a brand new sump pump installed, no previous sump so a pit will have to be dug and the pipe needs to go out the side of the home. Also the floor drain will need to be capped off. If a electrical permit has to be pulled for the sump then we will need a hard wired smoke and co detector. If possible would like a quote over phone or email.
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