Work Requests in Buffalo

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Learn more about Franks Mr Plumber's recent work requests in Buffalo, NY
Vicinity of Military Rd in Buffalo
Sewer line replacement
Vicinity of Crescent Ave. in Buffalo
We need a new sump pump installed asap.its making loud looks like it is disconnected.pump is about six years old.
Vicinity of Eggert in Buffalo
Flushed the wipes down to toilet and it stucks
Vicinity of Birkdale Road in Buffalo
We've had water in the basement the past two times it has rained hard. The Town checked the sewer line and said it was okay. They recommended snaking the water pipe.
Vicinity of Pickford Ave in Buffalo
All my drains are backing up into the utility tub in the basement
Vicinity of Mt. Vernon Road in Buffalo
Water pressure low throughout the house. Likely need galvanized line from street to house replaced. Would like opinion of if it is a leak or plug and quote for replacement line.
Vicinity of Laural St in Buffalo
Need price on hot water tank replacement
Vicinity of Riverdale Avenue in Buffalo
I need to have the drain lines from the gutter downspout to the bubbler at the street checked. I think they are plugged.
Vicinity of Vernon Drive in Buffalo
House is being sold. Inspector said there is a leak in the shower that needs repair. Sale of house is contingent. Need done ASAP.
Vicinity of Teresa Drive in Buffalo
Need sump discharge line installed for drainage to front of house to avoid the need of unsightly hose. Approximately 20-25 feet distance should suffice. Thanks, Anthony.
Vicinity of Kensington Ave in Buffalo
I need to repair a section of my main sewer line that is collapsed due to root infiltration.
Vicinity of Fuller Ave in Buffalo
Clogged sink
Vicinity of W Hazeltine Ave in Buffalo
Need caps
Vicinity of Wendover in Buffalo
Kitchen drain needs snaking - please email me with estimate. Thank you
Vicinity of Ferndale Road in Buffalo
I have a garage water faucet that needs fixing - I forgot to shut off the water in the winter a few years ago and it exploded...and I am tired of not having water on the outside of my house! Also, the last time I had you guys out they fixed my disposal, but it is not working again so I need to know if it is worth fixing. Thanks so much!
Vicinity of OAKVALE BOULEVARD in Buffalo
AC Unit needs to be checked out. Takes about 17 min to cool down 1 degree (outside temp 75 degrees no sun). Also would like estimate on installing wireless thermostat hooked up w/new wiring.
Vicinity of in Buffalo
I have a backup water in my basement
Vicinity of Homewood Ave in Buffalo
I had some work done last winter and they left a really tall pipe sticking out of my front lawn? i was just wondering if they were gonna come back to cut this down or what? also the work they did in the basement has a small leak from where the pipe comes into the house in the basement when it rains. thanks
Vicinity of Mayer Ave in Buffalo
My sewer line backs up into the basement. It was snaked last summer but not since. I've used Main Line Cleaner throughout the winter to maintain the flow, but now that it is spring, the water backs up during rain or when I do laundry. The water does recede, so I know it's not a total blockage. The plumber who snaked last summer suggested using a camera from the house to the street, as that's where he ran into some trouble with the snake, and pointed to a potentially partial blockage in that section. He did not have a camera to use. I do not have a sump pump. At minimum, I'd like to have someone come out to snack the entire line to ensure there are no clogs and then to use a camera to see if the line to the street is partially blocked by a broken pipe or roots. Thank you.
Vicinity of Eggert Rd. in Buffalo
I was just wondering how much it would cost to have central air put in. We have a crawl space under the house where our furnace is now.
Vicinity of Minnesota in Buffalo
My kitchen sink won't stop running
Vicinity of Orchard Dr in Buffalo
Need estimate to replace sewer line in front of my house. Tree roots compromised my sewer line
Vicinity of Rosedale Blvd in Buffalo
I need a sump pump and crock as well as the downspout cleaned out and a floor drain disconnected from the sewer. Also a quick look at the hot water tank to assure the buyers of my house that it is in working order and there are no problems.
Vicinity of Pine Ridge Road in Buffalo
I believe my sewer is backed up to my house. foul order in the house. green slime at the sump pump drainage outside.
Vicinity of Windermere Blvd. in Buffalo
Bathroom faucet is clogged. We tried liquid Drano but water is not going down at all.
Vicinity of Crystal Ave in Buffalo
Sewer is backing up into the basement there hasn't been an issue with toilets flushing sinks showers etc as of yet
Vicinity of Westbrook Drive in Buffalo
I've received an estimate regarding my main sewer line that goes to my house filled with tree roots. They snakes it and did a free camera search for me and the 6" wide pipes are loaded. They suggested putting a 4" wide pipe through it clearing it so I don't get a back up in my utility sink again. Just looking to try and get another estimate before I make my final decision. Looking to get this done as soon as possibly before a back up in my basement utility sink happens again
Vicinity of South Domedion St in Buffalo
Water in basement sump pumps not working.
Vicinity of Frontenac Ave in Buffalo
Want an estimate on a Diakin duckless system 2 units for my home in North Buffalo
Vicinity of Boll St in Buffalo
Main sewer line has tree roots in it
Vicinity of N Maplemere Rd in Buffalo
Replace outdoor faucet
Vicinity of Mohr Ave in Buffalo
I think my water line is plug form the outside main line coming in to my house. i have no water .it's not coming throw the main pipe underground to the lines in to the house. I think the main line is plugged.Do you give free estimates.
Vicinity of Harrison Ave in Buffalo
I've been thinking of a tankless water heater for my home, and would like a estimate on installation of one reliable brand. This request is not an emergency. My old water heater is still working fine.
Vicinity of Philadelphia St. in Buffalo
I'm not sure what it is but I washed my dishes and my basement get wet 😭 I check it out is water come out from big hole looks like pumping
Vicinity of Conant Dr in Buffalo
I'm looking to get an estimate to get a rough-in toilet drain put in my basement. Toilet would be going to next to the existing drainage stack. I only need the drain put in, not the toilet itself, and can provide any needed parts.
Vicinity of Robin Hill Drive in Buffalo
Sewage issues- lower level toilet over flowing.
Vicinity of Weimar St in Buffalo
Cost of installation
Vicinity of Northampton Street in Buffalo
Water not getting hot
Vicinity of Norwood in Buffalo
The cold water in my kitchen sink was frozen for about two weeks. I turned off the water supply under the sink. Then, 3 days ago- the pipe must have burst. Water was pouring out downstairs in the basement. So I turned off the main water for the house (I haven't had any water turned on for 3 days). Waiting on my regular plumber and he hasn't made it . Three days is pretty brutal without any water!!
Vicinity of Mariemont Ave in Buffalo
Water pipe leaking
Vicinity of Laird in Buffalo
Major clog, possibly in the stack, slow drain on washtub, water seeping through the drain pipe, cannot locate stack clean out, may need the cleanout installed, curious about cost
Vicinity of Elmwood Ave, Carriage House in Buffalo
Frozen pipes
Vicinity of Starin Ave in Buffalo
Frozen pipe. can't track it down.
Vicinity of Thorncliff Rd in Buffalo
How much more would it cost to put a direct vent water heater in a different location?
Vicinity of UNION ROAD in Buffalo
Pipe near toilet is wet.
Vicinity of The Common in Buffalo
Hot water tank has to be replaced
Vicinity of Willowlawn Pky in Buffalo
Kitchen drain pluged
Vicinity of Englewood Avenue in Buffalo
Evaluate possible leakage in bathroom pipe, possible freezing overnight
Vicinity of Sundown Trail in Buffalo
Furnace seems to be very loud recently. Could I schedule a tune up? No great urgency as it is still working .
Vicinity of Kent Street in Buffalo
Gas leak
Vicinity of Riverside Ave in Buffalo
Furnace repair
Vicinity of Colvin Boulevard in Buffalo
Need a quote on a 40 gallon hot water tank with install.
Vicinity of Avery Ave in Buffalo
Currently have a 30 gal hot water heater that's leaking. Looking into a tankless hot water heater and would like to know cost.
Vicinity of Harrison Ave in Buffalo
Remodeling basement and want to rearrange some of the baseboard heating pipes in the area I am working.
Vicinity of Red Oak Drive in Buffalo
I have a leak from my 2nd floor bathroom into my kitchen in the first floor.
Vicinity of Wendover Ave. in Buffalo
Looking to replace my 38-gallon hot water tank.
Vicinity of Parker Blvd in Buffalo
I had my basement lines replaced by you a few weeks ago. They came out very well. However, I went to shut off the copper line that feeds my back yard spigot so it doesn't freeze and found that you removed the valve that did that and did not replace it. That line is copper above ground and freezes very easily. I would like to have that vale replaced.
Vicinity of Ruskin Rd in Buffalo
Older home with galvanized piping and low water pressure. Looking for quote to determine cause, and to replace any necessary fixtures/piping that maybe corroded and causing it.
Vicinity of Tillinghast Place in Buffalo
The drain is plugged where sump pump water comes out.
Vicinity of Homewood Ave in Buffalo
Need a camera to be sent down drain to determine where a gate valve and a back water valve can be installed in basement?
Vicinity of Pontiac in Buffalo
Would like a small tankless water heater installed below my kitchen sink or below in the cellar to service my sink and dishwasher.
Vicinity of Clinton St in Buffalo
Connecting new pipe with the sewer line that is coming from the street. Total pipe length will be 10 feet. Its a out side job digging->cutting 8" clay main line->putting rubber coupling->connecting 6" pvc pipe-> take it to the house. No inside work involved.
Vicinity of Victoria Ave in Buffalo
Water coming out from the drain
Vicinity of Parkdale Ave, in Buffalo
Sewage is backing up in the basement. unknown cause ... need fix asap. please call me anytime
Vicinity of Forest Hill Dr in Buffalo
I need to have a video camera placed in a storm drain tile to check for a solid blockage. The line was snaked out but a hard substance is blocking the line. Also, I would like an estimate for a second sump pump. Thank you.
Vicinity of Ridgewood Dr in Buffalo
Replacement of three handle shower faucet (remove old, install new)
Vicinity of Rounds Ave., in Buffalo
Its my cousins house hes out of town for a couple of weeks the kitchen sink pipe that goes down to the base ment floor it start back leaking again when his wife wash dishes not a lot but it still leaks we concete it 3 years ago around the pipe and it held up for a long time but nou its back leaking after all these years like i said not a lot but it still leak just need to look at and price it and we see if he can afford it but bottom line he s going to have to get it fix
Vicinity of Fowler Ave. in Buffalo
Leaking from drain in tub in the basement
Vicinity of Niagra Falls Blvd in Buffalo
Clog and consequently water collection near connection to city sewer line in basement. Has happened before. Usually needs a clearing of the line connecting the house to the city sewer
Vicinity of St Marys Road in Buffalo
Sewer line clogged
Vicinity of Hillside Avenue in Buffalo
I was wondering if you offer free furnace inspection estimates? We are looking for an inspection on our furnace that we don't believe is a legal set up. Thank you in advance!
Vicinity of Pine Ridge Terrace in Buffalo
I need help for my main sewerage line.
Vicinity of Kelvin Drive in Buffalo
Line is clogged somewhere. When washing machine was used, had backwash into shower. Also,problem with toilet.
Vicinity of South Division in Buffalo
Leak in bath tub
Vicinity of Hedwig Ave in Buffalo
Possible clogged main sewer line. Water is backing up in basement floor drain. Need emergency services. Please call me to set up an appointment today.
Vicinity of Harlem Road in Buffalo
Hot water tank is leaking
Vicinity of Nokomis Parkway in Buffalo
Plugged toilet
Vicinity of Meadow Stream Dr in Buffalo
Need replace drain from downspout to street
Vicinity of Taunton Pl. in Buffalo
Hello, I'm interested in a quote for a tankless water heater installation. Thanks, Bill
Vicinity of Germania in Buffalo
Sewage drain in basement is backing up.
Vicinity of Viola Pk in Buffalo
Bellied sewer line causing back up into basement
Vicinity of Wainwright in Buffalo
We are looking to buy a house that has been empty for quite some time and needs plumbing repairs/upgrades. I am trying to find some one that is willing to give me a quote before I make an offer. I have a roofer coming today at 4:00 if you would be available.
Vicinity of Cleveland Drive in Buffalo
My house at 422 Cleveland Drive have a wet spot in the front yard. Originally, I thought that it was the sewer line, but now I think it might be a broken water line. Last year I had a large Maple Tree in the front yard removed which may or may not be related to the problem. I would like someone to come out and take a look and see what the problem is and how it can be fixed.
Vicinity of Monroe Street in Buffalo
Around the back part of the toliet and in a corner of the bathtub the floor is sinking.
Vicinity of Kamper Ave in Buffalo
Need an estimate on 2 outdoor spigots. One in back of house one on the side of house.
Vicinity of Rockdale Drive in Buffalo
Toilet clogged , toy might have been dropped in
Vicinity of October Lane in Buffalo
Hi, Looking into a tankless hot water tank for our new house we just bought, wondering how much it is and for install too... If you could email me would be the best way of contact Thank you Nicole
Vicinity of Anderson Place in Buffalo
Clogged bath tub no doubt
Vicinity of Lobue Lane in Buffalo
Hot water heater leaking cold water tank very old
Vicinity of Veterans Pl in Buffalo
Basement floor drain is backing up
Vicinity of Kelvin Drive in Buffalo
I would like to switch my Gas stove over to where my fridge is. I need the gas line moved. I have a crawl space below my Kitchen. Has been done before...if you could email me an estimate..I will not be reachable tonight by the above number. Thank you!!!
Vicinity of in Buffalo
Wneedestimate on a budgetater main slow leak in crawl space
Vicinity of WINSLOW in Buffalo
Vicinity of Rugby Rd in Buffalo
Duct cleaning for approx 12 vents and a main
Vicinity of Abbington Ave in Buffalo
Need vents cleaned..seems to be alot of dust
Vicinity of Herman St in Buffalo
Blowing cold air out the furnace need some one to look at it asap. Thank you
Vicinity of Lakewood Ave in Buffalo
Heil furnace is about 5-6 yrs old. It's not blowing any heat, the pilot light is lit and the thermostat works
Vicinity of Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo
Had a fire 3 two bedrooms 2 studios
Vicinity of LAKEVIEW in Buffalo
Vicinity of Hampshire in Buffalo
The water company is saying I have a leak in my water pipe
Vicinity of Carriage Hill W in Buffalo
You all did a great job installing a new furnace and hot water heater for me last year. Our house does not have an AC system and I would like to investigate the costs of installing one.
Vicinity of Lisbon Ave in Buffalo
Furnance is no longer heating
Vicinity of Woodbridge Ave in Buffalo
We have a cold water older supply pie (galvanized)that has a small leak. This section of pipe in the basement will need to be repaired or replaced ASAP. The house is empty but under contract pending sale. I turned off the water main as a precaution.
Vicinity of Fisher St in Buffalo
Duct cleaning
Vicinity of Leroy in Buffalo
Flooded basement
Vicinity of Coronation Drive in Buffalo
Bathroom sink clogged. Water will not drain and we have used liquid plumber product to attempt to alleviate the issue with no luck.
Vicinity of Beale Ave in Buffalo
Faucet leaking in shower, need replace. looking for free estimate.
Vicinity of Chadduck in Buffalo
Have a Kitchen faucet that needs to be replaced, bought the exact same one but needs turnoff valves and lines replaced also, can you give me an estimate on this work, thanks
Vicinity of Wenner Road in Buffalo
Install new sump pump
Vicinity of Standard Pkwy in Buffalo
Lennox G61MPV Gas furnace was working fine in morning, but would not fire up in the evening.
Vicinity of Winspear Ave in Buffalo
Sump pump installation no existing sump pump
Vicinity of Delaware Ave, in Buffalo
I need to replace my bathroom sink and toilet.
Vicinity of Northampton in Buffalo
I am the property manager for the above-referenced property. It appears that two portions of a water line connecting baseboard heating units have ruptured. I would like to schedule an appointment for an estimate.
Vicinity of FRANCIS STREET in Buffalo
Want my heat ducts cleaned
Vicinity of Saint Lawrence Avenue in Buffalo
Second story: Galvanized line - apartment was vacant almost a year, pressure in cold line almost zero. Looking for options to replace (copper, cpvc, PEX) Thank you Alan
Vicinity of Victoria Blvd in Buffalo
I have a drain for a tub that I need to have installed properly. I also need to ready the kitchen sink and drain for a dishwasher.
Vicinity of Royal Palm Dr. in Buffalo
Stationary tubs do not drain
Vicinity of Davey St in Buffalo
Furnace wont stay lit.
Vicinity of Dirkson Ave in Buffalo
Main line cracked, basement keeps flooding. need estimate
Vicinity of in Buffalo
Broken water line from house to box. Unknown if to main water line in street. City of Buffalo issued a notice that it needs to be repaired in 24 hours.
Vicinity of Aldrich Pl in Buffalo
Valve pipe broken
Vicinity of Northampton St in Buffalo
Clogged toilet/sewer drain
Vicinity of South Putnam St in Buffalo
Kitchen sink not draining no hot water in kitchen bathroom sink slow draining
Vicinity of Esser Ave in Buffalo
The back half of my house is significantly colder than the front half. also the vents in the back half do not seem to be pushing out as much air as the front
Vicinity of Richlawn Ave in Buffalo
Frozen pipes, no water
Vicinity of Huxley Dr in Buffalo
Sometimes when the sink is turned on sewer gas emanates from the sink.
Vicinity of Wagner Ave in Buffalo
I've owned my home for 2 years now. I'm not sure when the last time, if ever, the ducts were cleaned. I'm hoping cleaning them would provide a better heat source without racking up the gas bill. :)
Vicinity of Pavonia St in Buffalo
My heater is not working i need a repair service
Vicinity of Saint Lucian Court in Buffalo
I need my home's furnace heating and A/C ducts vacuumed and cleared out.
Vicinity of Jefferson Ave in Buffalo
Water pressure is low in upstairs kitchen and bathroom
Vicinity of Princeton Ct in Buffalo
Everytime i do a laundry the drain back flows and I get sludge from the street in my basement. There is a sewer drain in fromt of my house and I was wondering if that had anything to do with it, if it maybe be clogged outside?
Vicinity of Fillmore Ave in Buffalo
Frozen pipes
Vicinity of Northampton St. in Buffalo
No Water Running Through House . Kitchen , Bathroom . All Pipes Are Frozen . Please Help ASAP !
Vicinity of Southwood Drive in Buffalo
We need a new 40 gallon hot water heater--our current tank runs with rust colored hot water !
Vicinity of Comm in Buffalo
Leak in faucet going to outdoor hose in basement, also toilet pipe leaking in basement.
Vicinity of Ashton Pl. in Buffalo
Toilet is leaking from the bottom of the tank
Vicinity of Cayuga Rd in Buffalo
I just want a quote on cleaning my office ductwork.
Vicinity of Goodyear in Buffalo
I need to install a space heater
Vicinity of Harmony Lane in Buffalo
I am not in need of one now but would like to know the total price of installing a tankless electric hot water heater in a mobile home
Vicinity of Hidden Ridge Common in Buffalo
Dryer vent needs cleaning
Vicinity of Hamilton Blvd in Buffalo
Shower (hot water) does not shut off. leaks continueously.
Vicinity of Coronation Drive in Buffalo
Our tub is currently draining extremely slow and we are having water come into our basement from the tub area above.
Vicinity of Normal Ave in Buffalo
Looking to have a quote done for ~950sq/ft of complete coverage (including floor joists) of crawl space in 2" and 3" closed cell foam.
Vicinity of Fairfield Ave in Buffalo
Getting water in bacement where a small 2 inch drain is located where the floor meets the wall Theres about 6 holes total but this one is plugged Its the drain channel around the basement floor going to the sump
Vicinity of Skinnersville Rd. in Buffalo
I want to install a hand spray bidet for a toilet / half bath. Best time is tomorrow Thursday, 10/16th at 4.00 P.M. Thank you!
Vicinity of Parker Ave in Buffalo
The sink in the basement won't empty (or only very slowly).
Vicinity of Englewood Ave in Buffalo
40 gal hot water tank leaking out hot water...need asap
Vicinity of Humber Ave in Buffalo
My toilet is clogged I need it unclogged ASAP
Vicinity of Easton Ave. in Buffalo
Tankless water heater
Vicinity of Janet St in Buffalo
Clean air ducts
Vicinity of McKinley Pkwy in Buffalo
Need to have a baseboard pipe moved.
Vicinity of Beacon Park in Buffalo
Water is not filling up in the tank
Vicinity of Gordon Ave. in Buffalo
Sewer backing up, between house and street
Vicinity of Ltiile Lane in Buffalo
I would like to replace my old 3 handle tub/shower faucet with a new single one
Vicinity of Groveland in Buffalo
Broken sump discharge line on the exterior of house. Additionally cold water pipes in the basement are clogged/corroding at elbow joints. Questions on steps to dry the basement.
Vicinity of Main Street in Buffalo
Our toilet pot is clogged and the water is coming back if we flush it.
Vicinity of Landon St in Buffalo
My bathroom tub is clogged.
Vicinity of Bramble Court in Buffalo
Valve in gas line to gas dryer is leaking. Need to be replaced.
Vicinity of Mona Dr in Buffalo
First floor bathroom sink clogged.
Vicinity of Rommel in Buffalo
I need a new hot water tank
Vicinity of Elgas St LWR in Buffalo
Remodel bathroom, convert remaining galvanized pipes to copper. Remove lead drainage. And possible replacement of Basement Drainage, sanitation Tub, etc. and inspection of sewer to street. Possibly purchasing home and converting to single dwelling.
Vicinity of Deerhurst Park in Buffalo
Quote for new hot water tank and tankless system
Vicinity of Fourth St in Buffalo
We need our pipes snaked. we use the kitchen sink and it backs up into our tub. Also our Bathroom sink runs very very slow
Vicinity of Park Club Lane in Buffalo
I'm a board member for Park Club Lane condominiums and we are soliciting bids for installing a new sanitary sewer main line for one of our buildings. Can you please contact me to set up an appointment. Thank you!
Vicinity of Clayton Street in Buffalo
Replacement of 40 gallon tank plus corroded galvanized pipe.
Vicinity of Busti Ave in Buffalo
Water pipes froze in the bathroom and the kitchen. Insurance is going to cover the damages.
Vicinity of Altruria Street in Buffalo
Faucet leaks a lot needs to be replaced its a shower faucet
Vicinity of Tioga Street in Buffalo
I had a pipe burst in my family room yesterday (frozen?). I have baseboard heat so this means no heat in that room currently. I have an insurance adjuster coming out on Monday. Hoping for a quick estimate for repairs this weekend? Best way to contact me is via email. Thank :)
Vicinity of Halstead Ave in Buffalo
Frozen pipes. I tried with a blow dryer in the crawl space but can't find the source.
Vicinity of Northland Ave in Buffalo
Main water valve is failing needs to be replaced.
Vicinity of Tonawanda in Buffalo
My home water pipe line was broken. Whenever I open the water....I think , a lot of water were flowing under my home , single house and I got the noisy. So May you help me please as fast as you can.?
Vicinity of Homer Avenue in Buffalo
Copper pipe burst
Vicinity of Sunnyside Pl in Buffalo
Frozen pipes under crawl space of house
Vicinity of Fenton Street in Buffalo
Looking on getting a quote to have a gas line installed from the meter outside to the inside of my house.
Vicinity of Edgewater Drive in Buffalo
Sump pump not working and have flood in basement
Vicinity of Kimberly Lane in Buffalo
How much to clean the air ducks in a mobile home
Vicinity of Winslow Ave in Buffalo
Furnace tune / possible bleeding of radiators used for heating
Vicinity of Frontenac Ave in Buffalo
Cast iron drain pipe has collapsed underground. Rain water backs up and overflows around the house.
Vicinity of North Brier in Buffalo
Move 2 cold air returns, small reroute of waste drain. Looking for work to be done this Friday
Vicinity of East Ferry in Buffalo
Need my very old furnaces clean out
Vicinity of Sumner Place in Buffalo
Hot water tank and furnace installation as well as installation of plumbing and fixtures
Vicinity of Summerwood Ct in Buffalo
The spout of my kitchen faucet broke off. I will need a whole new faucet.
Vicinity of Sussex Street in Buffalo
Appears to be a backed up toilet waste stack in the basement. Everytime the toilet flushes it leaks at one of the connections.
Vicinity of Frontenac Ave in Buffalo
My basement has about an inch of standing water in it from last night's storm. I suspect that the drain tile to the storm sewer is backed up. I think having the drain tile snaked is the first step. If that doesn't work, I'm stumped.
Vicinity of Lynn Lea St. in Buffalo
Replace my sump pump, also straighten out my dishwasher, my molding won't fit on one side
Vicinity of Lisbon Ave in Buffalo
I would like a quote on adding an additional washer/dryer hookup in my basement. I need to know which apartment the current washer/dryer is connected to for gas and electric service. I would like to have the current set on one apartment and hookups installed for another set. I would like a second quote on installing a second water meter. Thank you
Vicinity of Danbury Dr in Buffalo
Bathtub drain is leaking into basement.
Vicinity of Lasalle Ave in Buffalo
Severely clogged bathtub drain. Tried plunging, and various drain cleaning products. Nothing has worked.
Vicinity of Willett Street in Buffalo
Smell coming from vents like bacteria, from dust and what ever
Vicinity of Southwind Trl in Buffalo
Sewer water problem water not going out from sewer and basement
Vicinity of Crofton Dr in Buffalo
I am looking to have a water powered sumppump backup installed. Do You install these and also looking for a quote.
Vicinity of Aurora Ave in Buffalo
I have a paloma tankless that is not working. What would it cost to replace it or fix it?
Vicinity of Valley Drive in Buffalo
Need a thorough cleaning of my airducts after renovation
Vicinity of Downing St in Buffalo
How do we shut off our main water supply? And how do we fix our tub faucet?
Vicinity of Lasalle Ave in Buffalo
Water goes out very, very slowly in bathtub and goes out even slower in the kitchen sink. have tried several otc products, nothing seems to work.
Vicinity of Saranac Avenue in Buffalo
Have tank leaking a bit looking for something reasonable within a week
Vicinity of Monticello Pl in Buffalo
I have a water leaking in the kitchen drains and facet, there is an issue with my toilet flushing and also I have issues with the pipes running to the tub. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon. I have also been informed that there is also water leaking in the basement.
Vicinity of Josie Place in Buffalo
Valve on radiator in living room is leaking and pipe going down to basement is corroded
Vicinity of Canterbury Ct in Buffalo
Looking for best quote on duct cleaning. House I believe has only one main, and approximately 10-12 discharge sites
Vicinity of Prospect in Buffalo
Drain in basement is plugged, half of the basement is flooded up to my ankles, just need to pump out water and possible snake drain.
Vicinity of Parkhurst Blvd in Buffalo
I have a 25' x 25' garage. The roof is insulated, but the walls are either not insulated or poorly insulated. 2 of the three walls have plywood covering them and I would like to avoid taking that wood down. The 3rd wall is bare.
Vicinity of Phyllis in Buffalo
My toilet leaks from the bottom after it's flushed. How much will it cost to install a new wax ring for my toilet?
Vicinity of Stanton in Buffalo
Drain basement of water (flooded water) snake main line)
Vicinity of Sky Harbor in Buffalo
Hello, I recently removed the underbelly tarp and insulation from the bottom of my 70x14 mobile home in Cheektowaga. I am wondering if your spray foam would be a good product to use in between the floor joists and what the approximate cost would be? Thanks, Ben
Vicinity of Crystal Avenue in Buffalo
Water pressure in kitchen sink is very low in both the hot and cold handles. Tried to turn off the water under the sink and hot will not turn off. Already cleaned the faucet screen and still is not working.
Vicinity of Park Side Ave in Buffalo
Outside storm drainage seems to be plugged, creating flood by back door of house. Need estimate Thank you!!
Vicinity of Florida St. in Buffalo
Need a price for a new hot water tank including installation.
Vicinity of Frontenac Ave in Buffalo
Looking for quote on sewer line repair