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There was a $400.00 difference in your competitor's quote. I felt you were not pushing me into items I did...
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Reviews From Depew and Lancaster
Testimonials From Depew and Lancaster
You guys replaced my Sump Pump. Marc was very thorough and professional. He came in a short period of time...
Testimonial by Margaret S. from Depew, NY
TJ was AWESOME at unclogging my kitchen sink!
Testimonial by Larry T. from Depew, NY
Marc did everything possible to fix the problems.
Testimonial by William Z. from Depew, NY

Expert Sewer & Drainage Cleaning Services in Depew And Lancaster, NY

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  • Drain Cleaning
  • 24/7 Emergency Plumbing
  • Sump Pump Installation
  • Hot Water Heater Installation & Service
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Home Drainage-Drain & Sewer Cleaning

Preventing flooding and water damage to your home starts with proper drainage. Don't risk the foundation and structure of your home by allowing water to collect. We are experts in sump pumps, drainage & discharge lines, downspout extensions, and freezing discharge line protection. Our team with utilize camera technology to pinpoint the route cause of your sewers problem. With our modern products and sewer line replacement equipment, we can minimize property damage and prevent future clogs! Give us a call to get started on adding proper drainage to your Depew And Lancaster home.

Emergency Plumbing 

Bursting Pipes from freezing water is a frequent issue during the winter and leaks can cause serious water damage quickly. Other smaller issues like clogged drains or the well pump wearing out can be a pain. We are here to help you fix whatever problem you are facing from flooded basements to filthy sewers to frozen pipes. Again, we not only help fix emergencies but we help prevent them with home plumbing inspections.

Water Heater Repair & Replacement

Do freezing cold showers sound good in January? Inspecting and repairing your water heater is a must, but sometimes your water heater may simply be old and in need of replacement. We will help you choose a tank water heater or tankless water heater, that fits your budget and your needs and then install it in your Depew And Lancaster, NY home.


Job Stories From Depew and Lancaster, NY
Bubbler System Not working in Depew, NY

Jeff was having issues with his bubbler and knew it was clogged somewhere between the house and the street. Jeff knew it either needed to snaked or jetted out. Jeff saw the Frank’s Mr. Plumber offered both services and would give a free no obligation estimate before doing any work, so he called and made an appointment. Technician Shane arrived and gave Jeff an estimate for jetting out the bubbler line. Jeff was happy with the price and the job was scheduled for the following Monday as it wasn’t an emergency . Technician Shane came back on Monday and jetted out the bubbler to get it flowing again. Shane then ran the camera to make sure that the bubbler was totally clear. Shane noticed that the bubbler was broken at the curb and gave Jeff a free estimate to repair it. Jeff approved the estimate and the job was scheduled for the following week.

After the installation was complete, Jeff knew he wouldn’t have any more issues with his bubbler for a long time.

Slow Drains in Depew, NY

Dave has had issues in the past with slow drains and has had them snaked and jetted a few times. He decided to call Frank’s Mr. Plumber as he saw the Frank’s would give a free no obligation estimate and has used Frank’s in the past. Technician Ed came arrived and  sent a camera into drain to access the situation. Ed saw that the sewer needed replacing. Ed was able to give Dave an estimate. Dave decided to get the job done and the job was scheduled for the following Monday.

Once the job was completed, Dave knew that for many years to come he didn’t have to worry about his sewer backing up again.

Work Requests From Depew and Lancaster, NY
Project Location: Depew, NY
Very slow draining bathroom sinks on upper level of our home. Tubs are draining fine.
Project Location: Depew, NY
Basement toilet appears clogged. Water level will drop and then rise to the rim.
Project Location: Depew, NY
Hello, I am in need of having my sewer trap and some of my sewer line replaced. I had a clog and had a camera sent down and they noticed sagging in the line. I would be looking to have it checked out for pricing but my only issue is I work varying hours. It is accessible from outside so if a representative could come out to look while I am at work and email or call me with an estimate that would be great. Please let me know at your convenience. Thank you.
Project Location: Depew, NY
Kitchen sink is draining slowly
Project Location: Depew, NY
Would like an estimate to have air ducts cleaned. (10)
Project Location: Depew, NY
Have used mr. Plumber on 2 previous occasions would like an estimate to install a new chair height toilet. Am interested in an american standard toilet.
Project Location: Depew, NY
I would like some options in changing where my current sump pump discharge pipe is located.
Project Location: Depew, NY
Water tank Leaking
Project Location: Depew, NY
Today I am going to purchase a digital non programmable thermostat and I need help with installation.. our house is very cold at certain times but we wanted to stay warm. Because there isn't thermostat already installed that is programmable is hard to do that.
Project Location: Depew, NY
Need pricing on duct cleaning
Project Location: Depew, NY
I have a pipe outside my house that is connected to my sump pump that's cracked.
Project Location: Depew, NY
Project Location: Depew, NY
Bath room tub facets need replaced, 2 separate facets. I can buy parts need labor estimate Thanks
Project Location: Depew, NY
Looking to see if I could get a quote for air duct cleaning. We have 19 vents and cold air returns and 1500 sq ft in the house. Thanks so much
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