Welcome to the family!

We’re so glad you’ve chosen Frank’s Mr. Plumber to help keep your home safe and comfortable! You must be thinking… what is a discount duck, and what does it have to do with being a family – or even plumbing? Well – here at Frank’s Mr. Plumber family is everything to us! Whether you’re a part of our crews, one of our office workers, or even one of our customers, we want to support you just like we would our own family!


If you’re here, you’ve utilized our Golden Ticket Offer! As a thank you for your trust in us, we’d like to offer you the following gift: a Frank’s Mr. Plumber discount duck! With the Frank’s Discount Duck, you will receive our very own family discount, offered to all our employees, off any future jobs with us! (not to exceed $300 in total discounts)

Thank you again for supporting Frank’s Mr. Plumber –
we’re so thrilled to have you be a part of our family!


GET OUR NEW TATTOO sheet free with each golden ticket offer redeemed!


Frank’s Mr. Plumber’s Discount Duck cannot be combined with other coupons or discount programs. Discount Ducks are only valid while program is running.