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Mr. Plumber Home Energy Saver - March 1st

Owner Frank DiMaria and Mike Woodward from Mr. Plumber's Home Energy Division were on Eyewitness News to discuss their new home energy services. In addition to basement waterproofing, plumbing, and HVAC services they now provide home energy services to help homeowners identify areas where they can save money on their energy bills. This new division is the perfect compliment to the other services they offer.

Mr. Plumber will inspect your home and identify ways to save money on energy - as well as everything else. For example, they will let you know if you have damp insulation, or a crack in the basement wall, or let you know if you will have to buy a new furnace if the water problem in the basement isn't fixed. Mr. Plumber is able to catch problems and bring them to the homeowners attention before the problem gets any worse.

Mr. Plumber Home Energy Saver - February 16th

Frank DiMaria and Mike Woodward from Mr. Plumber discuss their new Home Energy Division. With 140 employees you will always get a qualified technician. They have the resources to do it all so no work is contracted out. You can trust that when you choose Mr. Plumber you will receive professional service from people you can trust.

Mr. Plumber's Technicians are certified to provide energy audits with no cost or obligation to you. They will tell you where your problems are and provide you with recommendations on how to fix those problems. Mr. Plumber can also provide you with information on the incentives that are available to you - from government incentives, national fuel rebates, money back if you pay versus finance, etc. There is something for everyone and Mr. Plumber can let you know wat is best for you.

Mr. Plumber Home Energy Saver - February 1st

With 27 years in business, Frank DiMaria from Frank's Waterproofing and Mr. Plumber adds Home Energy Performance to their list of services. Mike Woodard from Hughesco joins the new division of Mr. Plumber Home Energy Saver.

Together they have joined forces and expertise to evaluate the effectiveness of your homes energy usage by providing free energy audits. In about an 1 1/2 - 2 hours they are able to provide you with ways you can save on water, heating and air loss.