OOPS! I didn't know I wasn't supposed to do that.

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013 by Rebecca Poynton

What is one of the biggest plumbing errors people make in their Kitchen? We begin this series with one of the most common misconceptions homeowners have: That their garbage disposal acts like the primary waist receptacle in your kitchen.

A garbage disposal is only meant to keep your drain from clogging. Its purpose is to eliminate small kitchen debris such as lemon peels, and egg shells, small items left in your sink after preparing a meal. However, it has become more and more popular to use the garbage disposal as and actual garbage can filling it with debri, such as . large animal bones and heavy rinded products, such as watermelon and corn husks in the disposal. This causes the disposal to work harder and often causes the system to break after time. Not only is this type of waste bad for your disposal, but it's bad for the environment and causes increased energy to clean the water system after significant contaminants like these. 

The best way to use your disposal is to keep the following in mind: If you think the substance is not good for your pipes, your probably right - so don't put it in your disposal. 

Your disposal is meant to grind up small materials so they can pass through your drain pipes, however, some items can potentially remain in your pipes and create build-up. Homeowners make the mistake of throwing all their preparation waist, including oil and animal fat, in their disposal. While it seems harmless at the time, this not only builds up in your system, it can build up in your pipe as well, creating the exact problem your disposal is meant to avoid: Clogs.

Simple rule of thumb: Only put small particles in your disposal so it can grind out the waist and help avoid clogged pipes. Don't use your disposal as your primary garbage receptacle, you can damage your unit with bones, starchy peals, corn husks, rinds, or oil of any kind. All of these can build up in your system causing it to fail. Putting oil or fat in your disposal can actually stay in your system, making the blades dull after time, but when it passes through to your pipes, it can build up causing blockages - and you know it will happen during a party when your house is full and you suddenly notice, so is your sink.

Lastly, keep you unit clean by rinsing it regularly and making sure you don't stop running it before all the waist has passed out of your system.

If you follow these rules and still find you are running into problems, call Mr. Plumber Heating and Cooling. We have 24/7 emergency service available to help during any emergency.OOPS I didnt know I wasnt supposed to do that - Image 1

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