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Are coffee grounds safe to put down your drain?

Are coffee grounds safe to put down your drain - Image 1How often have you heard conflicting reports on the suitability of throwing your coffee grounds down the drain? I can't believe there is still an argument about it in this day and age.

When I read an article in the Milwaukee Sentinel dated March 4, 1967, I was astounded to hear the same old arguments for and against the practice of throwing coffee grounds down the sink drain. Do the grounds clean it or clog it? Today's answer isn't much different that it was 48 years ago either. 

One out of five plumbers will shrug away the concern. Everyone else claims it creates one of the most avoidable plumbing headaches you can have. So why risk it? We all know throwing grease down the drain can be harmful, right? Well add coffee grounds and over time the build-up can thicken and eventually form a solid mass, completely clogging  your drain. You will most surely have to have the drain snaked  or taken apart completely in order to get the clog out.

Is it worth it? 'But my mother and grandmother before her did it for years with no problems?'

Well, they were lucky. The risk is yours to take. I'd advise you to throw the grounds in the garden where they can enrich the soil for your plants; or in the garbage, where they won't harm anything.

If you want to send coffee grounds down your drain, best to keep your plumber's emergency repair number handy because you're eventually going to call them - 1-716-876-6000

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